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Metaphysic: 5 Things To Know About The ‘Deep-Fake’ Act In The ‘AGT’ Finals

Everyone's talking about Metaphysic heading into the second part of the 'AGT' season 17 finale. Who will they have perform next? Here's what you need to know about this 'deep-fake' AI act.

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Metaphysic has become a nationwide sensation ever since they auditioned for the show. The act continues to blow the judges and viewers away with incredible AI technology. Their performances are unlike anything we’ve seen on America’s Got Talent.

So, who is Metaphysic? Meet the men behind the fan-favorite act and more. HollywoodLife has rounded up everything you need to know.

The men behind Metaphysic with host Terry Crews. (NBC)

1. Metaphysic is an artificial intelligence company.

Metaphysic uses “artificial intelligence to create hyperreal content.” The company was founded by Tom Graham and Chris Ume. “By building AI content generation tools and infrastructure that lets users own and control their biometric data, we are building towards an ethical web3 economy where every internet user can access the limitless potential of the hyperreal metaverse,” the company’s mission statement reads.

2. Metaphysic ‘resurrected’ Elvis Presley.

During their first finale performance, Metaphysic took a big swing by “resurrecting” Elvis Presley. Simon Cowell told Metaphysic that they are the most “incredible, original act we’ve ever had” and fully believes they will have a show in Vegas.

3. Metaphysic incorporates an AGT alum into their act.

Daniel Emmet returned to AGT for Metaphysic’s audition. He admitted that he became a fan of Metaphysic after seeing what they could do online. When they asked him to be a part of this “wonderful, unique, original thing” they’ve created, Daniel couldn’t say no. Daniel is an opera singer and made the top 10 of season 13.

Metaphysic brings back Elvis Presley. (NBC)

4. Metaphysic’s audition went viral.

Metaphysic used their incredible AI technology to transform Daniel into Simon. This deep fake act became an instant standout. Their audition has been viewed over 20 million times. For their second performance, they made it appear as if Simon, Howie Mandel, and Terry Crews performed the opera classic “Nessun Dorma.”

5. Tom & Chris didn’t meet in person until right before AGT.

Tom is from Australia, while Chris hails from Belgium. They revealed during their audition that they didn’t actually work together in person until two days before their AGT audition. They were unable to meet in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic.