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Max Norris: 5 Things About Chuck Norris’ 22-Year-Old Grandson On ‘Claim To Fame’

Max Norris was the first celebrity relative to be sent home on 'Claim To Fame.' Get to know Chuck Norris' grandson.

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Max Norris
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In a shocking twist, Max Norris was the first to be eliminated during the Claim To Fame premiere. Despite not being voted the first guesser, the 22-year-old was the contestant sent home in the final moments of the first episode.

He was revealed as Walker, Texas Ranger alum Chuck Norris’ grandson. So, who is Max Norris? HollywoodLife has rounded up 5 key things you need to know about Max.

Max Norris
Max Norris on ‘Claim To Fame.’

1. Max was disqualified from Claim To Fame.

Pepper was voted Claim To Fame’s first “guesser” and at the most risk of going home. She was about to try to guess Max’s identity when Kevin and Frankie Jonas were told to halt production. When they returned, Kevin and Frankie revealed that Max had broken the no-device rule.

Max had used his phone while in his room. Because he broke the no-device rule, Max was disqualified from the show. He did have to reveal his identity to the other contestants.

2. Max is Mike Norris’ son.

Max is Mike Norris’ only son, which means he is Chuck Norris’ grandson. Mike is Chuck’s oldest child. Mike’s mother is Chuck’s first wife, Dianne. Mike, who is also an actor, married his wife, Valerie, in 1992. They have three children.

Max admitted during his Claim To Fame interview that his grandfather had no idea he was doing the show at the time it was filmed. “When he’s not on set, he loves to just sit down and watch movies with his grandkids,” Max said about Chuck.

3. Max has a twin.

Max has a twin sister named Greta. They were born in 2000. Max and Greta have an older sister named Hannah, who was born in 1995.

4. Max was a football player in high school.

Max served as a linebacker on the Faith High School football team in Grapevine, Texas. Max’s team won the state championship in 2016. His sister, Greta, played soccer in high school.

Chuck Norris
Max is Chuck Norris’ grandson. (Moviestore/Shutterstock)

5. Max is on Instagram.

Max is on Instagram under the handle @max_norris. His bio says that he is an artist and lives in Denton, Texas. Max posted on Instagram back in April 2022 that he recently worked with Martin Klebba, best known for playing Marty in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. “It was an honor to work with such a legend. You kept the vibe on the set great! Marty, you the man,” Max wrote.