Luke Jones: 5 Things To Know About The ‘Below Deck Down Under’ Star Who Was Fired For Inappropriate Behavior

After an inappropriate decision to climb into a co-star's bed naked without consent, 'Below Deck Down Under' star Luke Jones has been fired. Find out more about the reality star here.

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Image Credit: Bravo

  • Luke Jones was a crew member on ‘Below Deck Down Under.’
  • He’s known for a questionable work ethic and behavior throughout his time on the show.
  • He was fired for inappropriate behavior towards a stewardess during episode 7 of season 2.

Luke Jones was already infamous for his questionable ethics and behavior on the set of Below Deck Down Under, known from the outset as a “troublemaker.” But during episode 7 of season 2, he took it too far and was subsequently booted from the show by Captain Jason Chambers. During the wild episode, Jack apparently climbed into stewardess Margot Sisson‘s bed naked — without her consent. Second stew Laura Bileskalne was also fired due to her reaction to the incident, per PEOPLE. HollywoodLife has reached out to Bravo for comment.

“Last night there were boundaries crossed,” Captain Jason said during the episode, as he confronted Luke and fired him from The Northern Sun. “There was indecency, and you went into someone’s else cabin without consent.” “Like I was naked?” Luke asked. “Yeah,” Captain Jason said before adding, “Unfortunately I’ve got nothing else but to terminate your employment.”

“I accept that,” Luke replied. “I’m sorry, and I’m just so disappointed in my myself.”

As fans absorb the news, here are five things to know about Luke.

Luke Jones and Margot Sisson
Luke and Laura were fired during season 2. (BRAVO)

He lives in Dubai.

According to ScreenRant, Luke appears to have retreated to Dubai following the scandal. Though his Instagram account has been set to private, the outlet reports that Luke began tagging his location in Dubai in late 2022.

Luke is seemingly dating a fitness influencer.

Also per ScreenRant, Luke seems to be at least casually dating personal trainer and fitness influencer Diana Maldonado. Though the outlet reports they’ve often included each other in photos, the Dubai-based fitness guru has also set her account to private.

He’s from Australia.

Luke is from Gold Coast, Australia. But in an interview with Bravo, he candidly admitted he doesn’t miss it. “I don’t miss home anymore because I’ve been away so long and have had so many other homes,” he said. “I honestly feel like the world is my home.”

Luke finds freedom in traveling far and wide.

“It’s about understanding that while working on boats, you’re opening up your mind and life to an abundance of new people and experiences,” he told Bravo of his need to travel.  “You’re going with the wind letting yourself be free with the travels.”

He had a cryptic response to his firing.

Following the incident and his firing, Luke took to Instagram to react with a cryptic post on August 6, 2023. In it, he posed nearly shirtless he pulled up a black tank top to expose his fit abs.  “It doesn’t matter what they think about you because you don’t care,” he captioned the post, per ScreenRant. “Everything we hear is an Opinion, Not a Fact. Everything we see is a Perspective. Not the Truth. Take Ownership and move forward.”