JR Stafford: 5 Things To Know About Lil Nas X’s Big Brother On ‘Claim To Fame’

JR's identity was revealed in the August 14 episode of 'Claim To Fame,' and he's related to the 'Old Town Road' singer!

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JR Stafford
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  • JR was eliminated in the August 14 episode.
  • JR is Lil Nas X’s older brother.
  • JR’s full name is Robert Lamar Stafford Jr.

JR took his shot with his guess during the August 14 episode of Claim To Fame, but he failed to guess Chris’ identity correctly. JR revealed he is related to music superstar Lil Nas X in the latest jaw-dropping episode.

JR Stafford
JR is Lil Nas X’s big brother. (ABC)

So, who is JR? JR revealed his full name and just how much he loves his younger brother during the episode. HollywoodLife is breaking down everything you need to know about Lil Nas X’s brother.

JR was eliminated from Claim To Fame after an incorrect guess.

JR was made the guesser after the latest Claim To Fame vote, and he made Chris his target. Chris’ true identity continued to stump the contestants. JR guessed that Chris was related to Billy Idol, but he was incorrect. JR then had to reveal his identity instead. Chris’ claim to fame mystery has led to several other eliminations.

JR is Lil Nas X’s older brother.

JR is the older half-brother of Lil Nas X. His full name is Robert Lamar Stafford Jr., and he often goes by Robert Sleepy. JR and Lil Nas X share a father.

JR revealed that Lil Nas X has had a major impact on his life.

He’s like opened my eyes so much to the LGBTQ community,” JR said after his elimination. He added that his little brother has taught him to “be yourself” no matter what. “I’m blessed to have him as a little brother,” JR gushed. Lil Nas X sent a video message to his older brother. “I’m thankful for you. I’m thankful for all the support you’ve given me and all the love you’ve shown me throughout my life,” the rapper said, which caused JR to cry.

JR injured his foot on the show.

When he tried to show off his basketball skills during the talent show, JR fell and injured his foot. He could be seen wearing a walking boot on the show. He tried to throw his fellow contestants off during the Two Truths and a Lie game. JR revealed his celebrity relative was his brother, who was a singer with an NBA ring. He later confessed that the basketball clue was a lie. He admitted that people always tell him he looks like Dwyane Wade.

JR has come to his brother’s defense.

After Lil Boosie went on a homophobic rant against Lil Nas X in 2021, JR took to Twitter to slam Lil Boosie. “Baby back aye couple racks aye couple Grammys on him couple plaques aye @BOOSIEOFFICIAL yea we not mad at all homie more hits then your whole trash ass catalog,” JR tweeted, according to Rolling Out. He also tweeted, “My brother on his way to being a billionaire at 22 and that’s y boosie mad lol I’ll be mad too Lil $800,000 @BOOSIEOFFICIAL need to relax big homie.”