Sean Bett: 5 Things To Know About Johnny Depp’s Bodyguard

Sean Bett testified about the turbulent marriage between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard during the trial for Johnny's lawsuit against Amber. Here are five things you should know about him and his testimony.

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Johnny Depp‘s bodyguard Sean Bett took the stand at the Fairfax County Court in Virginia on Monday to testify about the rocky relationship his client had with Amber Heard. During his testimony, which was part of Johnny’s defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife, the professional protector admitted that the marriage between the actor and actress wasn’t at all a non-turbulent one and recalled times he even had fear for the both of them. “I said, ‘Amber, this can’t continue. You guys are either going to kill each other or wind up in jail,'” Sean said at one point while talking about their regular fights with each other.

Find out more about Sean and his testimony below.

Sean testified that he once saw Amber throw something at & mock Johnny.

Sean Bett
Sean Bett at the courthouse. ( Jim Watson/AP/Shutterstock)

Although he admitted he never saw them get physical with each other, he did see Amber throw either a plastic cup or water bottle in the direction of the Edward Scissorhands star. “I ended up getting him and we got out of there as quickly as possible,” Sean said while talking about the alleged incident.

He also said he overheard Amber say, “‘He’s a fatass, f*ck you Johnny, and f*ck you, too, Sean.'”

He commented on the infamous sliced finger Johnny blames on Amber.

Sean Bett
Sean Bett talked about Johnny Depp & Amber Heard’s marriage. (Steve Helber/AP/Shutterstock)

The bodyguard revealed that he remembers Johnny telling him about part of his finger getting sliced off and blaming Amber for it.

He took photos of Johnny’s injuries & showed them in court.

The photos showed injuries to Johnny’s face after his alleged altercations with Amber. Sean said he was “emphatic” that the star document his injuries “in case Heard made allegations against Depp.” He also claimed he never saw injuries on Amber and that she never complained to him about Johnny hitting her.

He went on to say that in 2014, Johnny and Amber allegedly started getting into passionate fights and it concerned him. He also said Amber would drink regularly and become “slightly intoxicated” on some occasions. “I said, ‘Amber, this can’t continue. You guys are either going to kill each other or wind up in jail,'” Sean said. “And with tears and everything, she said, ‘But I love him and I’m not going to lose him.'”

He also commented on how the former couple would reconcile after fighting. “They would reconcile by talking. She’d have candles lit, a bottle of wine open,” he said. “Depending on the night, she’d text me and have me pick up food at different restaurants.”

Sean still works for Johnny.

Sean Bett
Sean Bett during his testimony. ( Jim Watson/AP/Shutterstock)

Sean reportedly oversees Johnny’s personal security operations and during his testimony, he said he first met Amber at the beginning of her relationship with Johnny in 2011. He also said he thinks her family and friends took advantage of Johnny once they were in a relationship and would allegedly stay in penthouses without paying rent and use his cars.

Sean used to work in the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office.

He had to step away from the job due to injuries sustained in car collisions. He then went into the private security business and eventually started working for Johnny.

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