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Jimmie Herrod: 5 Things To Know About The Talented Singer On ‘AGT’

Jimmie Herrod is a standout singer looking for his big break on 'AGT.' Here are 5 key things to know about this powerhouse performer.

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Jimmie Herrod
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America’s Got Talent season 16 has had a number of incredible singers audition for the show already, but don’t sleep on Jimmie Herrod. The singer will be auditioning during the June 22 episode. His talent is undeniable.

So, who is Jimmie Herrod? He active performer who has a long history with music. From his personal life to his band, here’s what you need to know about Jimmie as he makes his AGT season 16 debut.

Jimmie Herrod
Jimmie Herrod performing on ‘AGT.’ (NBC)

1. Jimmie is currently with the band Pink Martini.

Jimmie is currently a guest singer with Pink Martini. He’s toured with the band all over the world. He recorded his first single with Pink Martini — “Exodus” — in 2018. He’s also worked with ODESZA. Jimmie released his own album titled Falling In Love and Learning To Love Myself.

2. He has a degree in music.

Jimmie has a Bachelor of Music degree in music composition and performance from Cornish College of the Arts, according to his official bio. He also has a Masters of Music in Jazz Studies from Portland State University. He currently is an adjunct professor of jazz voice.

3. Jimmie is openly gay.

Jimmie revealed in a January 2021 interview that times were tough for him growing up. “It wasn’t necessarily easy growing up and being who I am — a gay Black guy — in Tacoma,” he told The Olympian. “There were aspects of myself that I couldn’t share in that time and place, but I would put on my headphones and listen to albums and sing, practically shouting. It was a way to express things.”

Jimmie Herrod
Jimmie Herrod is from Tacoma, Washington. (NBC)

4. He was initially scared of performing in public.

Jimmie told The Olympian that he used to “hide” in a choir. His mother was the one who told him to make his music his job. “My mom was like, ‘You need to get a job,’”  he revealed. “She had this great idea that I could perform at physical rehabilitation centers and senior centers and ask them for a small fee. I had set up a network of six or seven different places where I’d perform each month. That was my job in high school.”

5. He’s known for his performance of ‘Tomorrow.’

He has performed the beloved Annie song a number of times. He sang “Tomorrow” at the SFJazz Center in 2019 with Pink Martini. He also featured the song on his EP Tomorrow.