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Jim Gaffigan: 5 Things About Normally Apolitical Comedian Who Went Off On Donald Trump After RNC

Comedian Jim Gaffigan went on a Twitter tirade about President Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka and many others during the Republican National Convention.

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Jim Gaffigan
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It’s safe to say that Jim Gaffigan, 54, isn’t a fan of Donald Trump, 74. He went off on the Commander in Chief in a set of late night tweets on Thursday, August 27, as the RNC was going on. “RIP Truth,” was the first thing he wrote before repeatedly slamming him about how he “lies” constantly. He also took shots at Ivanka Trump & her husband Jared Kushner, saying, “Think they are on your side? Do you think they’ve ever done a real days work in their lives. Wake up.”

Jim also responded to someone who said they were “turned off” by people in Hollywood over their political bashing. “Can we stop with this HOLLYWOOD s**t,” he tweeted. “I’m not from Hollywood and Hollywood is just a town. Please say coastal elites (which Trump, Jared and Ivana are).” The reactions to his words on Twitter were varied, with many in his favor. “Jim Gaffigan WENT OFF and I am so HERE FOR IT,” one wrote.

Here are five things you should know about Jim who has been working his way through the industry for over three decades.

1: Big Apple Dreams. Jim moved to New York City in 1990 to to pursue comedy. He credited fellow Indiana native David Letterman for why he wanted to be a comedian in the first place. After years of struggling his big break occurred during a successful standup act on CBS’ The Late Show With David Letterman.

2: Comedic Style. He has said that his comedy style is largely observational with topics that include laziness and parenthood. There are also compilations of him talking about his love of Hot Pockets throughout the years, something his fans love to discuss with him about on social media. Jim has also managed to primarily steer clear of anything political in his acts up until now.

Jim Gaffigan
Jim Gaffigan on stage. Credit: AP Images

3: Lights, Camera, Action. Jim has developed quite the acting resume with over 100 credits to his name according to his IMDb profile. He also had his own half-hour comedy program called The Jim Gaffigan Show that aired for one season on TV Land between 2015-2016.

4: The Envelope Please. He’s been nominated five times for Best Comedy Album by The Grammy Awards beginning in 2013. Jim has yet to win one, however.

5: Family Life. Jim and his actor/comedic wife Jeannine have been married for seventeen years. They have five children together, two daughters and three sons.