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Eseniia Mikheeva: 5 Things to Know About the 7-Year-Old Viral Sensation on ‘AGT’

The cutest contestant of 'America's Got Talent' season 18 is back! Get to know Eseniia Mikheeva, a 7-year-old superstar in the making!

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Eseniia Mikheeva
Image Credit: NBC

  • Eseniia is a talented dancer.
  • Eseniia auditioned during the June 20 episode.
  • Eseniia appeared on The Jennifer Hudson Show.

Eseniia Mikheeva is a dancing star on the rise. The adorable 7-year-old will be returning to the stage during the Sept. 19 episode of AGT season 18 in hopes of making it to the upcoming finale. In the months since the cutie first performed for the judges, her audition has been watched over 6 million times!

So, who is Eseniia Mikheeva? She’s only 7 years old, but her talent and personality have made her one of the most memorable AGT contestants of the season. HollywoodLife has rounded up everything you need to know about this precious starlet.

Eseniia Is a Dancer.

Eseniia took America’s Got Talent by storm with her fun and energetic performance to “Soy Yo” by Bomba Estereo. For just 7 years old, her dancing skills are astounding, “I think you are a mini-mini star already,” Sofia Vergara says. Eseniia got a “yes” from all 4 judges and moved on to the qualifiers. Heidi Klum called the youngster’s audition “incredible.”

Eseniia Is From Russia.

The 7-year-old hails from Moscow, Russia. She traveled all the way to Los Angeles for AGT season 18. Her proud parents were backstage as Eseniia auditioned for the show, and they’ve been by her side every step of the way.

Eseniia Has Appeared on The Jennifer Hudson Show.

Jennifer Hudson asked Eseniia what she liked most about dancing during their April 2023 interview. “When you dance you feel freedom, you feel happy, you feel power,” Eseniia said. Eseniia also performed on the show.

Eseniia Mikheeva
Eseniia Mikheeva performing on ‘America’s Got Talent.’ (NBC)

Eseniia Comes From a Dance Family.

Eseniia’s mom and dad are both dance teachers. “We have a special program to teach children,” Eseniia’s dad said. She started officially dancing when she was 3 years old. However, Eseniia admitted she started “dancing” at just 7 months old when she began bobbing her head in the car as music played.

Eseniia Loves Ballet the Most.

Eseniia is skilled in several different styles of dance, but she loves ballet the most. She enjoys tango, contemporary, and hip-hop as well.