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Cole Cook: 5 Things To Know About Alicia Keys’ Brother On ‘Claim To Fame’ (Exclusive Interview)

Cole was sent home after an epic guess-off in the July 24 episode of 'Claim To Fame.' Learn more about Alicia Keys' brother.

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Cole Cook
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  • Cole is Alicia Keys’ brother.
  • Cole was eliminated after Carson guessed his identity.
  • Cole owns a creative production company.

Each week, Claim To Fame gets even more intense as the clues come in and the guesses are made. The July 24 episode was full of strategy and intrigue, with Cole Cook ultimately being sent home. His identity was guessed correctly by Carson.

Cole Cook
Cole Cook was eliminated on ‘Claim To Fame.’ (ABC)

So, who is Cole Cook? He’s the brother of one of music’s greatest artists. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Cole about his sister and his Claim To Fame journey. Here’s everything you need to know about Cole.

Cole is Alicia Keys’ younger brother.

Alicia Keys sent in a special video showing her love for her brother after Cole was eliminated. Alicia and Cole share a father, Craig Cook. “Growing up, we would only see each other once or twice a year. It was all love every single time,” Cole told HollywoodLife. “She was always there for me, checking in on me, but until I was old enough I wasn’t able to jump on tour. When I turned 19, she asked me to move out to New York and be around and just spend more time together. She said, ‘You have a nephew that’s coming so you can spend time with your family, see your nephew grow up.’ I spent 10 years around them then. We created more bonds, more memories together. It’s been a fun, loving journey between us both. She’s my best friend.”

Cole was eliminated in the July 24 episode.

Carson made Cole her target in the guess-off and correctly guessed Cole’s identity. Given how things went down with Shayne Murphy’s reveal, Cole wasn’t entirely surprised that Carson chose him as her target. Despite the intensity of the guess-offs, Cole admitted that the entire cast is still close.

“Funny enough, we still all talk. We started a group chat. We’re all in one and then we just started a larger group chat with season 1. There are so many of us in the group chat,” Cole admitted.

Cole got Alicia’s ‘blessing’ before going on the show.

“Of course, I had to get her blessing before going down that path,” Cole said. “There was no way I was doing any type of show that included her without checking in with her first. She gave me her blessing. She was like, ‘As long as you feel good with it and don’t feel like it’s going to be too much drama for you because I know you don’t like the drama.’ I’m a super fan of Survivor and The Amazing Race. I wanted to be on a game show like this, and this was the best chance that I had that I was going to get accepted into that world.”

Cole owns a creative production company.

Cole told HollywoodLife that he’s owned a creative production company called Timeless Eye for the last 7 years. “We do commercials, documentary campaigns of the likes of SoulCycle, American Express, Bacardi, and music videos. I’ve done a few music videos actually for my sister that I’ve loved. That’s kind of what I do on my every day to day,” he revealed.

Cole Cook
Cole Cook was revealed as Alicia Keys’ brother. (ABC)

Cole is an avid gamer.

Cole was also a professional Call of Duty player for 8 years. He’s still in the gaming world through a consulting avenue. “That took me down a crazy route, and I’ve been doing a lot of consulting with companies and what they should be doing within the gaming space,” he told HollywoodLife.