Bowie Jane: Meet the DJ Who Made It to the Finale On ‘Big Brother’

Bowie Jane took a break from her DJ career to compete on 'Big Brother' season 25. Here's what you need to know about Bowie.

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Bowie Jane
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Bowie Jane, the first Australian to compete on the US version of Big Brother, has made it to the season 25 finale. Bowie needs the “Minute Men” alliance of Jag Bains and Matt Klotz to turn on each other if she wants to make it to the final two and have a shot at winning the $750,000. Bowie made it to the final three without ever being nominated — but is her luck about to run out?

Bowie is a famous DJ but she also has another impressive profession that she’s hid from her fellow houseguests all season long. Here is everything you need to know about Bowie.

Bowie is a DJ.

Bowie is a professional DJ and singer-songwriter. In an interview with Shoutout LA, Bowie said she started an acoustic duo and performed 7 nights a week in Australia, before she joined a rock duo. She gravitated towards house music and started a career as a DJ. She’s performed at musical festivals like EDC Las Vegas. Bowie promotes her music career on her Instagram, where she has over 17K followers.

She’s also a lawyer.

Bowie is a barrister, which is a lawyer in Australia. She said in an interview with Voyage LA that she was originally living a “secret double life” as a DJ and lawyer before her story was exposed. “I would work as a lawyer during the day, then rip off my conservative clothes and get on stage at night,” Bowie said. She revealed that she quit her job as a lawyer to be a full-time DJ.

Bowie told Parade before entering the Big Brother house that she is keeping her law career a secret. “That is how you get voted out, saying you’re a lawyer,” she said.

She’s Australian.

Bowie is the first Australian to compete on Big Brother US. The rest of the BB25 cast is from America. Last season, Brazilian native Indy Santos was the only non-American on the cast.

She lives in Los Angeles.

Bowie moved from Australia to Los Angeles in 2015. She told Voyage LA in 2021 that she”s “loving” her life in California. She does a lot of DJing in LA including one gig at Dodgers Stadium in 2022.

She’s one of the oldest contestants on Big Brother 25.

At 45 years old, Bowie was one of the oldest contestants on Big Brother 25. However, Bowie lied about her age and told the rest of the cast that she was 34. Some believed it, and some did not.