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Jag Bains: 5 Things to Know About the ‘Big Brother’ Season 25 Winner

Jag Bains is the winner of 'Big Brother 25' — and his victory is historic in more ways than one.

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Jag Bains
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Jag Bains was crowned the winner of Big Brother season 25 during the finale on November 9. He beat his ally Matt Klotz by a 5-2 jury vote. Jag is the first Sikh-Punjabi contestant to appear on the long-running reality show and win it. He also made history winning the most competitions of any contestant in a single season, with ten. Plus, Jag is the first BB champion to have been evicted (Jag was voted out week 4 but was saved by the Power of Invincibility used by Matt).

Here’s everything you need to know about Jag Bains, the newest Big Brother winner.

Jag is the first Sikh houseguest on Big Brother.

There’s never been a Sikh-Punjabi contestant on Big Brother before Jag. Jag spoke about this “incredible” honor in his pregame interview with Parade.

“Representing my Sikh community is so important to me,” he said. “I wear a turban. This is how I represent myself every day. So to come to the show, be who I am, represent not only myself, but my family, my people, my community, it means the world to me.”

He’s a truck company owner.

Jag’s occupation is a truck company owner, according to his CBS bio. He also works in real estate with his brother, Jasmair. They have their own Instagram for their joint real estate business.

He lied about his occupation.

In the house, Jag has pretended to be a substitute teacher and a Special Olympics coach, both of which he’s done on the side.

He lives in Washington.

Jag lives in Omak, Washington. He was one of two Big Brother 25 houseguests from Washington. The other was Hisam Goueli, who lives in Seattle.

He’s a huge Big Brother fan.

As a Big Brother fan, Jag thought out his strategy to win the game before entering the house. “I’m willing to do what it takes to go to the end,” he told Parade. “I want to do is as much as I can, keep myself safe, and have some close allies that I can take with me to the end so it’s not a lone wolf game that I’m going to play, I’m not going to make it to the end that way. So as much as I can be loyal to my closest allies, that’s how I build trust.”