Bobby Wooten III: 5 Things To Know About The Musician Who Split From Katie Holmes

The bass player and 'Dawson's Creek' alum enjoyed an eight month romance before calling it quits. Here's what to know about him.

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Image Credit: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

  • Bobby Wooten III is a highly accomplished musician.
  • He and Katie Holmes started dating in the spring of 2022.
  • They reportedly ended their short lived romance after eight months in December.

Katie Holmes and Bobby Wooten III became a serious item since they began dating in April 2022. In fact, even Katie’s teen daughter Suri Cruise seemed to approve! But despite making a PDA heavy red carpet debut in June, they seemed to have fizzled out by December of 2022, according to a June 16 report by Us Weekly. Here’s what to know about the musician who captured the heart of the Thank Your For Smoking beauty, for just shy of a year.

1. Bobby is a bassist

First and foremost, Bobby is a musician, and his instrument of choice is the bass. Bobby with a number of big name musicians, including Carly Rae Jepsen, whom he posted photos of himself playing for at Coachella on his Instagram. His other credits include working with Machine Gun Kelly and The Talking Heads’ David Byrne, per AllMusic.

Bobby is an incredibly accomplished musician and bass player. (Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

2. He’s performed on Broadway

Speaking of David Byrne, Bobby was a member of his touring band for the extensive American Utopia tour, and its subsequent run on Broadway. Bobby performed on the live album that came out of the Broadway performances, and he performed as a part of the show when David was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. He spoke about what a great impact the show’s had in a December 2021 interview with Bass Magazine. “In American Utopia, [David] very much wants everyone to have their own voice. That’s why there are different characters and each person’s spirit resonates differently. It’s a great thing to be performing on Broadway as yourself,” he said. “What I’ve taken away from working with him is he likes things to be simple: to put forward an idea and not distract from it, which is awesome.”

Bobby’s Broadway experience isn’t just limited to American Utopia. He was also credited as the bass player on the cast album for the stage adaptation of Moulin Rouge! The Musical. 

3. He hung out with celebrities on Broadway

While the romance with Katie might be new, Bobby has rubbed elbows with plenty of stars prior to starting the relationship. He revealed some of the awesome stars he met backstage while performing in American Utopia in the Bass interview. “We’ve had Michelle Obama, Jacob Collier, Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, Jerry Seinfeld, [and] Paul McCartney,” he said while admitting that he regretted not getting the Beatle’s autograph.

4. He has a history series on Instagram

Other than music, Bobby also has a passion for history. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he started an Instagram account called “America Learn Your History.” The account provides facts about American history that may have been overlooked, not taught, or lied about on a variety of subjects, including a variety of subjects related to Black history and much more. “I’m not doing opinions, just facts, but the facts are delivered from the perspective of someone who looks more like me. It’s fulfilling for me, personally, and I hope it’s a good resource for others,” he told Bass about the project.

Bobby has performed with plenty of superstars, most notably David Byrne. (Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

5. His musical influences range from Motown to Blink-182

Bobby revealed that he started playing bass around the time that his friends were getting into pop-punk icons Blink-182, when his friends asked him to play bass, which is how he started playing the instrument, he revealed in the earlier mentioned interview. He said after he started, he quickly took to learning many Motown songs, plus other favorites like Stevie Wonder and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.