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Andrew He: 5 Things To Know About The ‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Competing In Masters Tournament

The software programmer will return to compete in yet another 'Jeopardy' tournament. Find out everything you need to know about Andrew here.

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  • Andrew He is a programmer who has competed on ‘Jeopardy.’
  • He was a five day champion and also competed in the ‘Tournament of Champions.’
  • Andrew will compete in the ‘Masters Tournament’ in May.

Andrew He will return as a competitor on Jeopardy on May 8, when he takes part in the Masters Tournament. Andrew has become a bit of a staple on the game show, as he prepares for his third time competing in it. Andrew has become a bit of a fan favorite, after his first run and his close game in the “Tournament of Champions” in 2022. Find out everything you need to know about Andrew He ahead of the competition here!

1. Andrew is a software engineer

Long before he was a Jeopardy competitor, Andrew had a job that showed his smarts! He has worked as a software engineer for a variety of companies since 2015, according to his LinkedInPrior to getting hired full-time, he was an intern at Addepar and Dropbox. Prior to competing on Jeopardy, he worked at Impira and Modal.

2. He studied at MIT

Just two years before competing on Jeopardy, Andrew was a student at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 2015 to 2019. He received a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Math and Computer Studies.

3. He lost the ‘Tournament of Champions’

Andrew first competed on Jeopardy in November 2021. He had a five-game winning streak, taking home $157,365, per J! ArchiveUnfortunately for Andrew, he was defeated by Amy Schneider in his sixth game. Amy similarly became a fan favorite and made Jeopardy history with a 40-game win streak, the second longest in the history of the game, only passed by now-host Ken Jennings. Andrew got another chance to compete against Amy during the 2022 “Tournament of Champions,” but he lost again.

4. He had some sweet plans with his ‘Jeopardy’ winnings

During his initial run on the show, Ken asked Andrew what he had plans for his winnings, and the engineer revealed that while he intended to make a bit of a “donation,” he later admitted that he wanted to help a friend create a small business. “I would love to help my friend Vincent start an ice cream company. He’s the only person I know who checks out cookbooks from the library, and he makes incredible ice cream,” he remarked on the show, although he wouldn’t admit what flavor he was most looking forward to.

5. He helped friends prepare for ‘Jeopardy’ before competing himself

Before he had taken a shot at the game show, former competitor Sam Kavanagh gave Andrew a shoutout on Twitter, revealing that he had helped him prepare for the “Tournament of Champions,” paying compliments to the player. “My friend Andrew He, who helped me practice for the Tournament of Champions, is on Jeopardy today and it’s the most excited I’ve been watching the show since my appearance,” he wrote. “The dude is hella bright and understands the game at least as well as I did when I was first on. There’s enough variance in Jeopardy that that doesn’t always translate to winning. But it might!”