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Where Will Queen Elizabeth Be Buried? Everything To Know About Monarch’s Final Resting Place

Queen Elizabeth II's funeral is set to take place on Sept. 19, after the 10 day mourning period. Find out more about the historical location where her body will be laid to rest.

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Queen Elizabeth II
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Queen Elizabeth II will surely be sent off with a memorable farewell at her funeral on Sept. 19. The longest-reigning monarch in British history, who passed away in Scotland at the age of 96, will be remembered at Westminster Abbey after a 10-day mourning period. It’s the same location that her wedding to Prince Philip took place in 1947 as well as her coronation in 1953. Her body made its way from Scotland to London, where it was received at Buckingham Palace on Sept. 13, and is set to be placed at Westminster Abbey for the funeral.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral will be held on Sept. 19. (Alessia Pierdomenico/Shutterstock)`

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey.

The funeral, which is expected to be attended by many members of the royal family, including the Queen’s son, King Charles III as well as her grandsons, Prince William, the new Prince of Wales, and Prince Harry, will be followed by a committal service in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. The chapel will be the Queen’s final resting place, next to her late husband Prince Philip, and it has quite a history. Unlike Prince Philip’s funeral, which had a very limited number of people due to COVID restrictions, the Queen’s funeral is expected to be attended by the royal family and many more.

The Queen’s final resting place will be at St. George’s Chapel.

Windsor Castle
St. George’s Chapel, where Queen Elizabeth II will be laid to rest. (Boyan Georgiev Georgiev/Shutterstock)

The King George VI Memorial Chapel at Windsor Castle is the final resting place for many members of the Queen’s family. Her parents, King George VI, who died in 1952, and Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, who died in 2002, are laid there. The Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret, who also died in 2002, was also laid there, so the royal will definitely be surrounded by those who were closest to her.

Prince Philip’s tomb will be moved during Queen Elizabeth II’s burial.

He will be moved from the Royal Vault, which is beneath St. George’s Chapel, and placed beside his wife, according to The Telegraph. He was always meant to temporarily be there until the Queen’s passing.

King Charles III’s Coronation Will Take Place After The Funeral.

The son of the Queen will reportedly have his coronation at Westminster Abbey a few months after his mother is laid to rest. This is due to the appropriate mourning period that is protocol for the royal family anytime one of their own, especially the Queen, dies.