Denise Richards & Brandi Glanville: 5 Things To Know About The ‘RHOBH’ Stars’ Reported Affair

The drama surrounding Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville's rumored affair will finally play out in Season 10 of 'RHOBH,' which premieres on April 15. Learn more behind-the-scenes details before tuning in!

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Denise Richards, Brandi Glanville
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Did they hook up or not? That’s what fans want to know as rumors of an affair between Denise Richards, 49, and Brandi Glanville, 47, have been swirling ahead of the Season 10 premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on April 15. Brandi has seemed to allude an affair did happen, while Denise — who is married to Aaron Phypers — has flat out denied the report through her rep. The rumors have created so much drama to the point where Denise breaks down in tears in the Season 10 trailer!

For weeks, HollywoodLife has been talking to sources about what’s really going on between Denise and Brandi. Now, we’re breaking down the top five things you should know about this reported affair and the commotion it has caused.

1. A rumor that Denise and Brandi had an alleged affair first surfaced in Jan. 2020. The alleged affair first became public knowledge on Jan. 8, when Daily Mail claimed that Denise and Brandi had a “months-long affair” throughout early 2019. Denise’s rep quickly clapped back by saying the rumor “isn’t true” in a statement to People, but Brandi’s comments afterwards made the situation a bit more complicated.

2. Brandi has made it seem like the affair DID happen. It’s important to remember that neither Denise nor Brandi have confirmed the rumors, but the latter has certainly made it sound like something happened. For instance, on Feb. 3, Brandi suggested this RHOBH tagline for Denise in a now-deleted tweet: “For anyone wanting ‘tagline’ help this could work, ‘I might be married to a man but I am still allowed to eat pu**y.’” In another tweet, Brandi wrote on Jan. 20, “Lesbihonest someone has had a lot of time away from shooting to come up with a story to try & ruin me.”

3. Denise confirmed she and her husband aren’t allowed to sleep around! “We actually don’t have an open marriage,” Denise responded to a fan underneath her Instagram post shared on Feb. 16. The fan apologized and wrote that they “read somewhere” that Denise and Aaron’s marriage was open, to which Denise replied, “absolutely not. 100% monogamous to my husband.”

4. Denise and Brandi are now on rocky terms — Denise supposedly took legal action! Brandi revealed that Denise allegedly sent her a cease and desist letter while appearing on the March 9 episode of Danny Pellegrino’s podcast, Everything Iconic. “And as far as the Denise stuff, because I was given a cease and desist, I’m gonna just not talk about it until I have to,” Brandi revealed on the podcast. This legal move is even brought up in the Season 10 trailer for RHOBH! Lisa Rinna asks Denise if she sent a “cease and desist” to a certain someone (who’s not named), but Denise instead angrily asks, “Who told you that?”

Denise Richards
Denise Richards shuts down a rumor that she and Aaron Phypers have an open marriage underneath her Instagram post on Fbe. 16, 2020. (Courtesy of Instagram/@deniserichards)

As for what’s happening off-camera, we heard the rumor blindsided Denise. “Denise was stunned to hear that Brandi was saying they hooked up and she has an open marriage,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife in Jan. 2020. “Brandi has been telling everyone that Denise and Aaron have an open marriage, and Denise is adamant that a hookup never happened. All of this has actually sparked the end of Denise and Brandi’s friendship.”

5. The drama has even spread out to the rest of the cast. “Only Kyle [Richards] is talking to Brandi, that that’s because of Kim [Richards],” a source EXCLUSIVELY revealed to HollywoodLife at the end of March. “None of the other ladies have spoken to Brandi. Garcelle [Beauvais] is the only main cast member to have talked to Denise recently, but that’s it. Nobody else has checked in on her.” The cast also appeared fed up with Denise during the Season 10 trailer, although it’s still unclear if the source of the tensions is the rumored affair.

At one point in the trailer, Lisa is riding in an SUV with Kyle and Teddi Mellencamp when she ambiguously asks, “So they f***d?” That’s what everyone wants to know!