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Tim Allen’s Wife Jane Hajduk: Meet His Spouse, Plus Everything On His Previous Marriage

Tim Allen welcomed his second child with his wife, Jane Hajduk, in 2009. He also has a daughter from his previous marriage. Learn more about Jane and his first wife here.

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  • Tim Allen was married to his first wife Laura Deibel for almost 20 years
  • The comedian married his second wife Jane Hajduk in 2006
  • He and Laura share daughter Katherine, while he shares daughter Elizabeth with Jane

Tim Allen signed up to wear his Santa Clause suit again from the beloved trilogy of The Santa Clause films… but this time it’s a return to the small screen for the sitcom vet. The Disney + series The Santa Clauses, which arrives to the streaming service mid-November 2022, sees the actor reprising his role as Scott Calvin aka Santa Claus. Along for the ride are Scott’s two children and his wife, who is played by Elizabeth Mitchell, the actress from the last two movie sequels.

Tim Allen pictured with his daughter Elizabeth and wife Jane Hajduk. (Broadimage/Shutterstock)

If that is any indication, fans seem to approve of Tim’s chemistry with his TV wives (see: Patricia Richardson from Home Improvement and Nancy Travis from Last Man Standing). However, the real chemistry appears to be at home for Tim, as he has been married to this second wife for 15 years, and before that he was married for almost 20 years to his college sweetheart! Keep reading to find out more about the women who stole Tim’s heart, below.

Laura Deibel

Tim Allend pictured with his first wife, Laura Deibil. (Bei/Shutterstock)

In 1984, Tim married his college sweetheart, . Laura was a rock for Tim while he struggled in the stand-up comedy business during their time at Western Michigan University. His longtime friend George Kutlenios said Laura, who was a sales manager at an interior landscape company at the time, would make sure to show up at his comedy show and she “always sat at the back of the room, and always gave Tim a big hug and kiss when he came off,” according to People.

George also said Laura had a “hard adjustment” when Tim found success with Home Alone, Toy Story and The Santa Clause. She had been caring for their daughter, Katherine, born in 1989, while Tim pursued his Hollywood goals. “She supported him [emotionally] all those years, and then he became famous and she was in the back seat,” George told the outlet.

However, the two remained a united front until 1999, when they officially split and finalized their divorce four years later. The breakup was a surprise to many, but for Tim, the writing was on the wall, as he admitted that he only had eyes for Tinseltown instead of his wife and daughter, telling The Detroit News in 1998 that he was so focused on his career at the time that he “let his family slide,” per People.

Jane Hajduk

After five years of dating, Tim and actress Jane Hajduk, who was born on October 26, 1966, tied the knot on October 7, 2006. The couple have a unique bond, as they often appear in the same movies. They both starred in Joe Somebody in 2001, and Zoom and The Shaggy Dog in 2006. Jane has also worked as a producer and an assistant director, according to her IMDB.

In March 2009, Tim and Jane welcomed a daughter, Elizabeth. The birth has given Tim a second chance at being a better parent. “I was gone so much in my first marriage, I love the moments when I engage with my youngest daughter now,” Tim told Parade in 2011.  “It’s not my thing to sit on the ground and play tea party, but I’ll do it because it’s a moment that will stick with me forever.”