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‘The Crowded Room’: The Cast, Premiere Date & Everything Else To Know About Tom Holland’s New Show

Tom Holland is coming to TV in the gripping new drama 'The Crowded Room.' From the star-studded cast to the show's episode rollout, here's everything we know so far about 'The Crowded Room.'

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  • The Crowded Room will premiere on June 9.
  • The series stars Tom Holland, Emmy Rossum, and Amanda Seyfried.
  • The first trailer was released on May 10.

The Crowded Room is about the be the TV series of the summer. Tom Holland completely transforms into this new role, which is a far cry from Spider-Man. The first official trailer was released on May 10, giving fans a deeper look at the highly-anticipated limited series.

“Sometimes I think that night marked me. Everything that came afterward… couldn’t be a coincidence could it?” Tom’s character, Danny Sullivan, asks in the trailer. After Danny is beaten up by kids, a mysterious man saves him and welcomes Danny into his home. When Danny is arrested for a crime, Amanda Seyfried’s Rya Goodwin begins to question Danny and those around him.

Amanda Seyfried Tom Holland
Amanda Seyfried and Tom Holland in ‘The Crowded Room.’ (Apple TV+)

“What happened in that house?” Rya asks. Danny admits he has “blank spots.” Rya brings up that these people who have disappeared aren’t the only people in Danny’s life who have vanished, referring to his mother.

The Apple TV+ series features an all-star cast, including Emmy Rossum. From the rest of the cast to the premiere date to what the show is about, HollywoodLife has all the latest updates about The Crowded Room.

The Crowded Room Premiere Date

The Crowded Room will premiere globally on Apple TV+ with the first 3 episodes on June 9. After the premiere, one new episode will be released weekly every Friday through July 28. The season will consist of 10 episodes in total.

What Is The Crowded Room About?

The series is inspired by a true story and based on the 1981 novel The Minds of Billy Milligan by Daniel Keyes. The official synopsis for the series reads:

The Crowded Room follows Danny Sullivan, a man who is arrested following his involvement in a shooting in New York City in 1979. A captivating thriller told through a series of interviews with curious interrogator Rya Goodwin, Danny’s life story unfolds, revealing elements of the mysterious past that shaped him, and the twists and turns that will lead him to a life-altering revelation.”

Tom Holland
Tom Holland as Danny Sullivan. (Apple TV+)

Tom Holland, in his first major TV role since Wolf Hall in 2015, told EW that The Crowded Room is “an insight into the power of the human mind” and “the ways in which we can deal with trauma.” 

He continued, “It’s a show that will take you on twists and turns — you’ll never know where you are or what’s going on — and then it will all come to a miraculous conclusion toward the end. It’s a story about heartbreak. It’s a story about love. It’s a story about betrayal. And, most of all, it’s a story about a young kid’s determination to survive.”

Tom also admitted in the interview that his role in The Crowded Room altered his perspective on mental health. “Learning about mental health and the power of it, and speaking to psychiatrists about Danny and Billy’s struggles, has been something that has been so informative to my own life,” he said. He hopes that people have “respect and more sympathy for people who are going through mental health issues” after watching the series. 

The Crowded Room Cast

Tom Holland stars as Danny Sullivan in The Crowded Room. The Spider-Man: No Way Home revealed to EW that he had been “on the prowl” for a project that was similar to 1996’s Primal Fear. After creator and executive producer Akiva Goldsman pitched the show to Tom, the actor signed on as the star and an executive producer without seeing one official script.

Akiva, who won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for A Beautiful Mind, noted that Tom was the “first and only person” he spoke to about playing Danny. “He took this character to heart. It was an unbelievably challenging piece,” the showrunner told EW. “We shot 130 days in a row. In New York. During COVID. And Tom held the center of it in a way that makes the piece work because he’s so compassionate and compelling and his conviction in the role is extraordinary. I’m excited for him because I don’t think people have seen him this way.”

Emmy Rossum
Emmy Rossum plays Danny’s mom. (Apple TV+)

Shameless and Angelyne alum Emmy Rossum plays Danny’s mom, Candy. The Dropout star Amanda Seyfried plays interrogator Rya Goodwin. The cast also includes Will Chase as Danny’s stepfather, Marlin; Sasha Lane as Danny’s roommate and friend Ariana; Sam Vartholomeos as Danny’s friend, Mike; Levon Hawke as Danny’s friend, Johnny; and Lior Raz; as well as guest stars Jason Isaacs, Thomas Sadoski, Jason Isaacs, Zachary Golinger, and Christopher Abbott.

The Crowded Room has long been a hot project in Hollywood. Back in 2015, it was initially developed as a film with Leonardo DiCaprio expected to produce and star in the film, according to Empire. Leonardo had been interested in The Crowded Room since 1997 back when he was just taking off. The film never got underway, and the project has been gestating until now.