13 Celebs Rocking Ice Blonde Hair: Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner & More

Do blondes really have more fun? — Just ask Pete Wentz, Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner and more stars who've dyed their long locks platinum blonde!

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Pete Wentz playing tennis
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Image Credit: MEGA

Icy blonde locks are hard to pull off — for some. But, the opposite goes for Pete Wentz and more stars who took the hair plunge at one point or another. More recently, the rocker, 41, was spotted sporting long blonde hair while playing tennis in his Los Angeles neighborhood on December 7. Pete, who was all smiles during the outing, wore a white Adidas baseball cap over his lighter locks. Despite the hair change, he kept his usual brunette beard and matching goatee.

Pete Wentz playing tennis
Pete Wentz shows off long blonde hair while playing tennis in his Los Angeles neighborhood on December 7, 2020. (Photo credit: MEGA)

This isn’t the first time Pete has stepped out with blonde hair. The musician rocked lighter locks in both 2014 and 2015. Sometime in-between then, he also donned hot pink hair for a number of stage performances.

Fans of the Fall Out Boy bassist will know that Pete usually dons darker, brunette hair on stage and at red carpet events. However, he’s been known to walk on the wild side when it comes to switching up his precious locks. In 2006 (otherwise known as the remembered MySpace era), Pete set hair trends with his spiked black hair and red streaks. His edgy look was a go-to for a younger generation — and the photos certainly live on to this day.

Pete Wentz playing tennis
Pete Wentz rocks dark, long hair while playing tennis in LA. (Photo credit: MEGA)

If you take a look at our attached gallery, you can see that so many celebrities have bleached their hair, and they looked positively radiant. Gigi Hadid, who’s natural hair color is dirty blonde, once lightened her locks for the cover of Chaos magazine in December 2018. The new mom’s icy blonde hair, which was wavy, long, and tousled, gave us serious Daenerys vibes from Game of Thrones.

More stars who’ve gone blonde without regret include most (if not all) of the Kardashian-Jenner family. Notably, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have dyed their hair platinum blonde the most. More recently, Kylie sported blonde locks during a family vacation to Lake Tahoe — before she opted for her new fiery red locks!

For more photos of stars who went icy blonde, like Tia Mowry, Rita Ora and more, scroll through our attached gallery! Who knows, maybe it’ll inspire you to go platinum, too!