‘Sex/Life’ Season 2: First Teaser, Release Date & More You Need To Know

'Sex/Life' is almost back for season 2, and it's going to be steamier than ever. Watch the first teaser and find out when the show will premiere.

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Sex/Life is about to make you swoon once again when it returns for season 2. After making a very sexy splash with its first season, Netflix renewed Sex/Life for season 2 in September 2021. The drama series, based on BB Easton’s self-published memoir, 44 Chapters About 4 Men, was watched by 67 million households in the first 4 weeks after its June 2021 premiere.

The first teaser was released on February 2, 2023. There’s plenty of spice this season, including steamy scenes between Billie and Brad. “Not everyone has it. The desire to wake up, stop sleepwalking through our lives. To stop trying to do the right, while denying our truth. But those of us who do, we tread in dangerous waters. Because once you wake up, once you get even just a tiny taste, there’s no going back,” Billie says in the trailer… and she means it.

So, what exactly do we know about Sex/Life season 2? From the returning and new cast to what we know about the plot, HollywoodLife has rounded up all the latest.

Sarah Shahi Adam Demos
Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos as Billie and Brad. (Netflix)

Sex/Life Season 1: Recap Of Last Season

The official synopsis for the series: “Sex/Life is the story of a love triangle between a woman, her husband, and her past that takes a provocative new look at female identity and desire. Billie Connelly wasn’t always a stay-at-home wife and mother living in the suburbs. Before she married loving and reliable Cooper and moved to Connecticut, Billie was a free-spirited wild child living in New York City with her best friend Sasha, working hard and playing even harder. Exhausted from taking care of her two young kids and feeling nostalgic for her past, Billie starts journaling and fantasizing about her passionate exploits with sexy ex-boyfriend Brad, the big heartbreak she never got over. But the more Billie remembers, the more she wonders how she got here — and then her husband finds her journal. Will the truth about Billie’s past start a sexual revolution in her marriage, or lead her down a path back to the life she thought she left behind with the man who broke her heart?”

The first season chronicles Billie’s journey to find out what she really wants and needs. After the birth of their second child, Billie and Cooper’s sex life has taken a downturn. Viewers began to learn about her past with her ex-boyfriend Brad and their steamy sex scenes through her journaling.

Adam Demos
Adam Demos as Brad. (Netflix)

When Cooper finds her online journal and begins reading it, this causes major friction in Billie and Cooper’s marriage. Cooper attempts to reignite that spark with Billie as she continues to run into Brad and be tempted by him.

One of the most talked-about scenes of the first season was a steamy shower scene with Brad. At the 19:50 mark of episode 3, a totally naked Brad reveals his you-know-what while in the shower. The scene went viral on TikTok. Fans began to wonder if a prosthetic had been used. “No. That’s not a body double. I mean, people usually ask is it real or is it a prosthetic?” showrunner Stacy Rukeyser told Collider.

However, she never totally confirmed whether or not a prosthetic penis was used for the scene. “And I can tell you what Adam Demos says about it which is, a gentleman never tells. So, we are leaving that up to the viewer’s imagination,” she said.

Throughout the first season, we learn that Brad had a complicated relationship with his father. He became afraid of commitment, and this ultimately led to him turning away from Billie and breaking up with her. However, when Billie reenters his life 8 years later, Brad doesn’t waste the chance to tell Billie how he feels. He professes his love for Billie and tries to propose to her outside her home. Billie tells Brad that she can’t accept his proposal.

She still loves Cooper and wants a future with him. She chooses to stay with her husband and dedicate herself to their marriage. Cooper ends up meeting with Brad. He acknowledges that Billie is still in love with Brad and always has been. He asks Brad if his feelings for Billie are true. If he walks away, Cooper wants to know if Brad will take care of Billie. Brad tells Cooper that Billie chose Cooper.

Adam Demos and Sarah Shahi in ‘Sex/Life’ season 2. (Netflix)

Billie’s choice reignites their marriage. Billie goes back to Columbia University to finish her Ph.D. Things are going well for Billie and Cooper until Billie sees Brad again. She realizes what she’s still missing in her life: Brad. Billie is happy, but it’s not enough. She winds up running through the streets of New York, as Cooper watches her on a tracking app, back to Brad’s apartment. “I’m not leaving my husband. This changes nothing. Now f**k me,” she tells Brad as the episode fades to black.

“Brad is her drug. He’s intoxicating,” Sarah told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “He represents adrenaline and the best sex she’s ever had, and she’s just hungry. Her appetite… she just wants that again. She’s been nothing but a mom and a wife for so long. I think she misses the danger and that rush that Brad represented. But yeah, that’s what she sort of sees. I do think these two characters love each other. I think they’re wild for one another. I think that’s apparent in the show, too, that they truly did have a connection. They were able to break each other’s barriers down like nobody else did.”

While filming the first season, Sarah Shahi and Adam began dating. They are still happy and in love after filming the second season. The couple frequently posts adorable PDA photos on Instagram. Their latest was back in June 2022.

Release Date: When Will Sex/Life Season 2 Be Airing?

Sex/Life season 2 will be released on March 2, 2023. Netflix will drop all episodes of the new season.

Adam revealed in January 2022 that filming was about to begin for Sex/Life season 2. “Almost time to start @sexlife season 2. Pumped!” he wrote on Instagram. Production wrapped a few months later in early spring 2022, Adam confirmed to Entertainment Tonight.

Since filming has been completed for a while now, fans can likely expect Sex/Life season 2 in late 2022 or early 2023. The second season will premiere well over a year after the show’s 1-year anniversary.

Where Can I Watch Sex/Life Season 2?

Fans will be able to watch all of Sex/Life season 2 in its entirety on Netflix. The first season premiered globally on Netflix, so season 2 will follow suit. The series is exclusive to Netflix, so it’s only available on the streaming service. Sorry, there’s no place to catch Sex/Life on cable TV. While you wait for season 2, you can binge (and re-binge) all the episodes of the first season now.

What Do We Know About What Will Happen Next Season?

There’s not a whole lot we know about the Sex/Life season 2 plot, but it will definitely be steamy. Season 2 will pick up in the aftermath of Billie’s decision to go back to Brad while also maintaining her marriage to Cooper.

“I can’t say anything because it will ruin it, but it’s crazy,” Adam told Entertainment Tonight. “It was a wild ride in season one, and they turned it up a lot. I don’t think anyone’s going to be disappointed, that’s for sure.”

Sarah Shahi
Sarah Shahi as Billie in the season finale. (Netflix)

Stacy Rukeyser told TVLine, “I don’t know what Brad is going to say to her. He really put his heart out there on the driveway and proposed a happily-ever-after to her, and that is not what she’s proposing to him. I’m not sure if Brad will say yes to that or not. But that’s what we’re hoping to get a chance to explore in season 2.”

The first season consisted of 8 episodes. Season 2 will likely be the same number, or the show could be bumped up to 10 episodes.

Stacy went on to reveal the title of the season 2 finale in January 2022: “Heavenly Day.” While this didn’t give away much in terms of spoilers, this is definitely a hint that something good (or pleasurable) happens for Billie.

Everything We Know About Season 2

Sarah Shahi, Mike Vogel, Adam Demos, and Margaret Odette will be back as Billie Connelly, Cooper Connelly, Brad Simon, and Sasha Snow. That love triangle — okay, more like love square at times — isn’t going anywhere, so get ready for things to get even spicier in season 2. Jonathan Sadowski and Li Jun Li will continue to have recurring roles as Devon and Francesca.

On the anniversary of Sex/Life’s premiere, Margaret shared behind-the-scenes photos from filming the second season. Billie and Sasha will be having plenty of fun nights out if these photos are any indication of what’s to come.

Wallis Day
Wallis Day as Gigi. (Netflix)

Season 2 will also feature many new additions. Netflix announced several new cast members in February 2022, including Craig Bierko as Mick, Cleo Anthony as Kam, Darius Homayoun as Majid, Dylan Bruce as Spencer, and Wallis Day as Gigi.