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Sammy Sosa’s Kids: Everything To Know About His 6 Kids

Sammy Sosa is the proud father of six children, including Sammy Jr., Keysha, Michael, Kenia, Kalexy, and Ronaldo, who he shares with wife Sonia Rodriguez. Find out more about them and his family life here.

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Sammy Sosa, 53, is best known for being one of the most impressive former professional baseball players in history, but he’s also the doting father of six children. The Dominican-American athlete shares Sammy Jr., Keysha, Michael, Kenia, Kalexy, and Ronaldo Sosa with his wife of 30 years, Sonia Rodriguez, and has sometimes shared glimpses of his life as a dad in the spotlight. From happily posing with the brood in smiling pics to revealing he thinks one of his sons will be a future MLB player, this proud parent has showed appreciation for his most important role to date many times.

Find out more about Sammy’s kids and his relationship with them below!

Sammy Jr.

Sammy Sosa, Sammy Sosa Jr.
Sammy Sosa walks with his son, Sammy Jr., during National League batting practice for the 2002 All-Star Game, in Milwaukee, WI. (Shutterstock)

Sammy’s on Sammy Jr. was appropriately named after his dad and is sure to keep his legacy going with the special moniker. Although Sammy Jr. tends to be private for the most part, a Sports Illustrated article that was shared on Twitter in 2018 shed light on a bit of his history, including how critics partly caused him to quit playing baseball like his dad. “Sammy Sosa Jr. was once an elite prospect in his own right, but he quit baseball in part because of jokes people made about his father, calling him ‘steroid baby’,” the tweet read.

Another tweet promoting the article talked about Sammy Jr.’s perspective on how his dad handles people talking about his skin color. “It doesn’t affect him, but I’m sure he feels a certain way,” the caring son told the outlet.


Keysha is one of Sammy and Sonia’s daughters. She appears to be very private online and in life, so there’s not much known publicly about her. She has previously attended events with her parents and siblings and posed on red carpets. One of the events she was photographed at was the The Middle Garden of Lost Eden Spring 2011 Collection show, where she happily posed with her sister Kenia.


Sammy Sosa, Sonia Rodriguez
Sammy Sosa and his wife Sonia Rodriguez have six children together. (Gary I Rothstein/UPI/Shutterstock)

Michael is another one of Sammy and Sonia’s sons. As with many of his kids, there is not much about him known in the public, but it is believed he is younger than his brother Sammy Jr.


Kenia is Sammy and Sonia’s daughter. She is close in age to her sister Keysha and has also been seen at events, like The Middle Garden of Lost Eden Spring 2011 Collection show, with her parents and siblings. She doesn’t seem to have any public social media and has gone the private life route like many of her family members.


Kalexy is Sammy and Sonia’s third daughter. She was reportedly born in 2011, making her around 11 as of 2022. Her unique and creative name made headlines when she was born but she’s been kept under wraps most of the time. She appeared in a princess dress as she posed with her family during a birthday celebration, in photos that were posted on a Sammy Sosa page on Facebook in 2016.


Sammy and Sonia’s third son Ronaldo is their youngest child. Sammy made a rare comment about the then five-year-old, in a video posted by TMZ in 2019. He gushed over the fact that he thinks the tot will become a future MLB player. “He’s going to be good. He’s got a good swing,” Sammy told photographers about the active boy at LAX. He also said he is built to be a hitter, like his dad, and not a pitcher, and revealed he has already been teaching him the skills he’s learned as a professional for almost 20 years.