New James Bond: 7 Actors In The Running To Play The Next 007

With Daniel Craig finally putting his take on James Bond to rest, fans are excited to know who will be the next actor to take up the 007 moniker, after 'No Time To Die.' Check out some of the favored stars here!

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James Bond
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  • James Bond is one of the most popular characters of all-time, and he’s been played by a wide-array of actors.
  • Daniel Craig stepped down from the role after 2021’s ‘No Time To Die.’
  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson has reportedly emerged as a favorite for the role.

It’s hard to find a character more iconic than James Bond. After debuting in 1962’s Dr. No (with Sean Connery playing the man himself), James Bond has been one of the most famous characters to grace the silver screen. In the nearly 60 years since 007 hit the big screen, he’s been played by five actors (Sean, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnanand Daniel Craig) across 25 movies. With 2021’s No Time To Die, Daniel Craig has officially called it a day playing 007, giving someone else the opportunity to take on the role.

While nothing official has been announced about who will play Bond next, fans have naturally chimed in with all sorts of discussions about what actors could encapsulate the super spy. There’s also been much discussion about diversifying the role and casting a non-white or non-male actor. There have also been reports about actors like, Aaron Taylor-Johnson being favored for the role. Find out about some of the people that might be in the running to be the next 007 here!

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Aaron is reportedly one of the favorites to be the next 007. (Shutterstock)

With over a year since No Time To Die hit theaters, there are lots of people speculating about who will take over the role, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, 32, is reportedly one of the frontrunners. Sources have claimed that the Nocturnal Animals star sat down with Bond producer Barbara Broccoli for a meeting which went well, according to Puck News. Another insider shared details with The Sun in November. “Aaron went for a screen test to be the next Bond in September and producers and Barbara loved him,” they said.

Sam Heughan

Sam has revealed that he auditioned for the leading role in ‘Casino Royale.’ (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

Outlander actor Sam Heughan, 42, has been floated a possible replacement for Daniel Craig, especially because he actually auditioned to be Bond in 2006’s Casino Royale. He revealed that he’d tried out for the part in a June interview on the podcast Just The Facts With Alex Zane. While even getting to audition to play 007 is an honor, the Island At War star admitted that he felt ill-equipped at the time. “It was an amazing experience and I was completely out of my depth,” he said, via Parade. He also explained that he felt like he’s now the “right age” for the part. “I feel capable enough to do it. I’d love the opportunity to throw my hat in the ring. Definitely,” he said.

Idris Elba

Idris Elba has long stoked fan’s desire for him to play Bond. (David Fisher/Shutterstock)

Idris Elba, 50, has long been a fan-favorite to take up the 007 codename, and the star clearly enjoyed stoking the flames. When fans started campaigning for The Wire actor to take on the role in 2014, Idris tweeted that he was happy fans thought he was a good fit. “Isn’t 007 supposed to handsome? Glad you think I’ve got a shot! ” he tweeted. He’s tweeted few more times getting fans on edge, like in 2018, when he shared selfie with the words “My name’s Elba. Idris Elba,” after the famous Bond quote. He also shared an “awks” selfie of him and Daniel Craig at an award show in 2019, clearly having fun with the rumors. While fans might want to see Idris suit up, he shut down the possibility of it happening anytime soon in an October interview with ITV. “No I’m not going to be James Bond,” he said.

Lashana Lynch

Lashana Lynch’s character Nomi already took up the 007 mantle in ‘No Time To Die.’ (Joel C Ryan/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

Lashana Lynch, 35, has already made history as the first Black woman to take up the 007 codename. Her character Nomi in No Time To Die was revealed to be James Bond’s successor. With Daniel Craig no longer playing James Bond, if the plots from his movies continue, Lashana can surely keep the story going as the all-new 007.

Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston has long been rumored to be taking on the Bond role. (Shutterstock )

Another fan favorite to takeover the franchise has been Avengers star Tom Hiddleston, 41. The actor has been rumored to take over the franchise in the past, but a source close to producer Barbara Broccoli told Page Six in 2017 that she didn’t think he was the right fit. “Plus, Barbara Broccoli doesn’t like Tom Hiddleston, he’s a bit too smug and not tough enough to play James Bond,” the source said.

Although he may not have been the right fit in 2017, fans have still rode hard for Tom, and he was asked about the rumors again in an April interview with Empire Magazine. “What can I say that you don’t already know?” he said when asked about the speculation, via Independent. “It’s interesting in itself that I’ve suddenly become very aware of what I’m saying, is it not?”

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill has said that he’s ‘keen’ to discuss playing 007. (David Fisher/Shutterstock)

After playing icon with SupermanHenry Cavill39, has shown interest in taking up the Bond role now that Daniel Craig is finished. “If Barbara [Broccoli] and Michael [G. Wilson] interested me in any capacity to be a part of their movies, then I will gladly have that discussion, and that would be something I’d be very keen to explore further,” he said, via Cinemablend.

Regé-Jean Page

After wow-ing fans in ‘Bridgerton,’ Regé-Jean Page has been speculated to be the next 007. (David Fisher/Shutterstock)

While he’s stayed coy about whether or not he could crop up in season 2 of Bridgerton, Regé-Jean Page34, is yet another name on the tip of Bond-fans tongues! The actor said that it’s both exciting and something of a rite-of-passage for English actors to be rumored to take on 007, although nothing is set. “Ah, the B word. I think that if you are British and you do anything of note, that other people take notice of, then people will start talking about that,” he said in April 2021 to Mirror. “I think that’s fairly normal and I’m flattered to be in the category of Brits that people have noticed.”