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Matthew Perry Was Close With His 5 Step-Siblings: Everything We Know About His Half-Sisters and Brother

The late ‘Friends’ actor opened up about his relationship with Caitlin, Emily, Will, Madeleine and Maria in his 2022 memoir, ‘Friends, Lovers and The Big Terrible Thing.’ 

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Matthew Perry
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Matthew Perry wrote about the sweet bond he shared with his five steps-siblings in his memoir, Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing. The late comedian and actor became a big brother after his parents, Suzanne and John Bennett Perry, divorced and remarried with their respective spouses. Keep reading to learn more about Matthew’s step-sisters and brother. 

Maria Perry

Matthew’s dad, John Bennett, and his second wife, Debbie Boyle, welcomed their daughter, Maria “Mia” Perry, in 1986. In Matthew’s memoir, the Friends alum described Maria as the “hub” of their entire family and recalled how she discussed the opioid crisis with him after he awoke from his two-week coma, which resulted from his substance abuse. 

“There I was, attached to fifty wires like a robot, bedridden, as Maria filled me in,” Matthew explained in his book, according to Page Six. “My very fears had been true: I had done this; this was my fault. I cried — oh boy did I cry. Maria did her best to be wonderfully consoling, but there was no consoling this.” 

Caitlin Morrison

Caitlin — born in 1981 — is Suzanne and her second husband Keith Morrison’s first child together. Matthew cited his half-sister’s birth as the reason why he wanted to start his own family. 

“I think it’s because I was 10 years old when my sister Caitlin was born,” the 17 Again actor wrote in his book, adding that he “instantly” loved his half-sister when he first met her. Caitlin also worked with her half-brother on the set of The Whole Ten Yards as an assistant and as a minor character. 

Emily Morrison

Emily was born in 1985 and occasionally appeared with Matthew at red carpet premieres and other public outings. In his memoir, the Odd Couple alum wrote that he “loved” hanging out with Emily and all of his step-siblings. 

“I loved playing with them all, babysitting them, playing dumb games with them,” Matthew explained. “There is no greater sound on the face of the planet than a child’s laughter.” 

However, he also admitted that he felt excluded from his blended family’s lifestyle. “Emily arrived, and she was blond and cute as a button,” Matthew noted. “And just like Caitlin, I loved her instantly. However, I was so often on the outside looking in, still that kid up in the clouds on a flight to somewhere else, unaccompanied. … Things at home just got worse and worse. My mom had a wonderful new family with Keith.” 

Will Morrison

Will is Suzanne and Keith’s third child together, born in 1987, and is Matthew’s only half-brother. While Matthew hasn’t gone into much detail about his and Will’s relationship, Matthew maintained that he had a strong bond with all of his step-siblings throughout his life. 

Madeleine Morrison

Madeleine followed in her father Keith’s footsteps by joining his show, Dateline, as a producer. She is Keith and Suzanne’s fourth child together, born in 1989. Matthew wrote about Madeleine in his memoir while recollecting his frightening hospitalization in 2019. 

“So, instead of talking about it, I did the one thing I felt I could do — during the days in the hospital I threw myself into family, spending hours with my beautiful sisters Emily, Maria and Madeline, who were funny and caring and there,” he wrote. 

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