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Julie Ertz’s Husband Zach: Everything To Know About Her NFL Spouse

The Angel City FC and USWNST star has been wed to NFL player Zach Ertz for six years. Find out more about their marriage here!

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  • Julie Ertz is one of the most famous soccer players, known for playing for the US Women’s National Soccer Team, starting in 2013.
  • She’s been married to NFL player Zach Ertz for six years.
  • They share a son Madden together.
  • Julie will be competing in the Women’s World Cup again, starting on July 21, 2023.

Julie Ertz is one of the biggest soccer stars in the world. The midfielder, 31, helped lead the United States Women’s National Soccer Team to World Cup victories in 2015 and 2019, and she’s been a celebrated player both in her home country (as a member of the Angel City FC)  and across the globe. She was also part of the team that was honored with a ticker tape parade in New York City in 2015, and they were later welcomed to the White House by then-President Barack Obama. Julie will compete in the Women’s World Cup again in 2023!

By her side for much of her career has been her husband Zach Ertz32. While Julie is a celebrated global athlete, Zach is also a star in the sports world, who has his own impressive slate of career achievements! Find out more about Zach and his relationship with Julie here!

Julie and Zach have been married since 2017. (Matt Young/Shutterstock)

Zach is a Super Bowl-winning NFL star

Zach is a tight end for the NFL. He was first drafted in 2013 by the Philadelphia Eagles, which he played for eight seasons. During his time on the Eagles, he was a part of the team that took home the winning title at Super Bowl LII in 2017. Besides the Super Bowl victory, he also made the Pro-Bowl three times from 2017 to 2019. After eight years in the City of Brotherly Love, Zach moved to the Arizona Cardinals in 2021.

How did Julie & Zach meet?

While Zach and Julie didn’t get together until they were both pro athletes, they actual met before their careers really began as students at Stanford University. Julie explained that they had some mutual friends, and they later connected when they were both playing professionally in a 2017 interview with ESPNZach joked that her seeing him score a touchdown “sealed the deal.”

Julie revealed that they both reached out to one another after they started having successful careers. “After I won the U20 Women’s World Cup [in 2012], he sent a congrats [text] on our win. Then I watched a football game that he was in, and he scored this huge touchdown. I texted him, ‘Congratulations, so cool to see you doing well.’ I guess a little bit of succeeding kindled our relationship!” she told ESPN. 

They supported each other at the World Cup and Super Bowl, respectively

Of course, they were by each other’s sides for some of the biggest victories of their careers. When Julie competed in the Women’s World Cup in 2019, Zach was on the sidelines, rocking a jersey with “Mr. Ertz” printed on the back. He also shared a selfie putting the spotlight on her with the tweet saying, “A freaking BALLER and her husband.” With Julie returning to the World Cup in 2023, Zach will undoubtedly be there to support her!

When Zach and the Eagles went to the Super Bowl in 2018, Julie was told on the field that he’d be going to the big game, and she looked overjoyed in a video from ESPNShe later admitted that she was on the edge of her seat during the game in a 2019 interview. “Nothing will be as nervous ever in comparison of being at the Super Bowl. Literally, I’ve never sweat so much in my palms in my entire life. It was freezing there, but I was burning up just excitement. It was an amazing experience,” she said, per NFLThankfully, the Birds won!

They got married in 2017

After some time dating, the pair got engaged in 2016. Zach tweeted a photo of him getting down on one knee in the stands at the stadium at their alma mater on Twitter. “She said yes!! My best friend made this the best day of my life!” he wrote.

After a year-long engagement, they tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in March 2017. Julie shared a photo on her Instagram and gushed about what a beautiful day it was. “My wonderful husband thank you for everything, for loving me unconditionally, for your amazing friendship and for trying to keep up with me on the dance floor,” she wrote.

They have a son together

After five years of marriage, the couple welcomed their first son Madden Matthew, 11 months, in August 2022. One week after welcoming him, Julie posted her first sweet photo of her baby boy. “One week already with our sweet boy! Madden Matthew Ertz you are so loved. Beyond grateful to be your mommy,” she wrote.

They’re competitive, but supportive

Given that they’re both star athletes, both of them have been very open about having a bit of a competitive streak, even with each other. The pair revealed that they keep tallies of who’s been winning different card and board games that they play together in a 2017 interview with ESPN Magazine. Despite competing in games together, they did admit that they always have each other’s back. “The one place we’re never truly competing is while working out. It’s more encouragement or just holding each other accountable — little coaching points here and there — because we know how serious the other is while the other is working out,” Zach said.

The pair also opened up about how being athletes helps them support each other during difficult moments. “In a time of doubt, it’s nice to have someone who’s on your side, pushing you,” she told ESPN. “Him being a professional athlete as well, he understands those up-and-down moments. There are daily moments of me being so tired and him saying, ‘OK, well, go do two more runs.’ From the little things to those big things, it all helps in the end.”