Joe Burrow’s Girlfriend: Everything To Know About Olivia Holzmacher

Olivia Holzmacher is her man, Joe Burrow's, number one supporter heading into the Super Bowl, where he's hoping to lead the Cincinnati Bengals to their first-ever championship win.

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After being selected first by the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2020 NFL Draft, Joe Burrow is heading to his very first Super Bowl. Joe suffered an injury during his first season with the team, but returned as starting quarterback in 2021. He helped lead the Bengals to their very first NFL playoff appearance since 1990, and took them all the way to the big game against the Los Angeles Rams, which will happen on Feb. 13, 2022.

Throughout his entire college and professional career, Joe has had the support of his girlfriend, Olivia Holzmacher. The gorgeous brunette has been a staple in the Bengals crowd throughout Joe’s tenure with the team, and she’s been extremely hyped up amidst their playoff run. Ahead of the Super Bowl, learn more about Olivia and her relationship with Joe below.

olivia holzmacher
Olivia Holzmacher cheering on the Bengals with Joe Burrow’s mom. (Emilee Chinn/AP/Shutterstock)

1. How Did Joe & Olivia Meet?

Joe and Olivia met when they were both students at Ohio State University. Joe went to the college from 2015-2018, while Olivia was a student from 2015-2019.  In August 2018, Olivia posted on Instagram about how she and Joe were celebrating their one year anniversary, so they began dating during the summer of 2017.

Joe began his college career at Ohio State before he transferred to Louisiana State University. Joe made the decision to transfer after red shirting one season and playing two seasons as the back-up quarterback for OSU. In 2018, he began his tenure as the starting quarterback at Louisiana State University. During his second season with the team, he led them to a National Championship win following the 2019 season.

Even though Olivia and Joe were long distance from the fall of 2018 until the spring of 2020 — with her in Ohio and him in Louisiana — they stayed together. She often flew to Louisiana to support Joe at his games and was no doubt his biggest cheerleader. She was also by his side when he was awarded the Heisman Trophy after the National Championship.

2. What Does Olivia Holzmacher Do?

Olivia majored in Data-Analytics and Social Sciences at Ohio State University. She was also a member of the Big Data & Analytics Association at school. In Feb. 2019, she got her first job at Kroger, where she works as a Senior Process Specialist & Analyst, according to LinkedIn. Olivia still holds the position in Cincinnati. The job requires her to “build dashboards and visualizations for Kroger’s E-Commerce Pickup & Delivery Services,” as well as “Provide insight into operational metrics and customer experiences.”

In high school, Olivia worked as a Facility Operations Team Member at a gym called Lifetime Fitness. She was also a Supervisor at the facility, leading a staff of 12 team members alongside the department head. Olivia went to high school at Mason High School, where she played volleyball.

3. How Old Is Olivia Holzmacher?

Olivia was born on April 27, 1997, so she is just 23 years old as of the Super Bowl. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall. Olivia grew up in Ohio with her parents, John and Susan Holzmacher.

4. Olivia Is A Dog Mom

In December 2017, Olivia got her dog, Beau, who is a goldendoodle. “First day home!” she wrote on Instagram at the time. “8 week old mini goldendoodle who is way too calm and sweet. He learned to sit 4 times in a row and only had one potty accident the entire day! Couldn’t ask for a better pup!!” Olivia isn’t super active on Instagram, but she’s posted various photos of Beau, and often shares videos of him on her Instagram Story. Joe has fully embraced Beau, as well, and has been seen playing with the pup in various videos.

5. Olivia Is On Social Media

Olivia’s Instagram handle is just her name — @OliviaHolzmacher. She doesn’t post on the social media site very often, and is fairly private about her relationship with Joe on her main page. However, she has been more active amidst the Bengals’ playoff run, and shares videos and photos to her Story more often than her main page. Ahead of the Super Bowl, Olivia had nearly 70,000 followers.

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