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Jacklyn Zeman’s Husband: All About Her 3 Marriages

The 'General Hospital' actress was married to three different men throughout her life. Find out more about Jacklyn Zeman's husbands here.

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  • Jacklyn Zeman was a soap opera star who appeared on ‘General Hospital’ for over 40 years.
  • She was married three times, and had two children from her third marriage.
  • Jacklyn died on May 10, 2023, after a short battle with cancer.

Jacklyn Zeman was a popular soap opera star, who entertained fans for decades as one of the stars of General Hospital. She appeared in over 800 episodes of the daytime staple, and she even received nominations for Daytime Emmy Awards for her role on the show. Jacklyn died at 70, following a short battle with cancer, on Wednesday, May 10, per ABC News. 

Through her life, Jacklyn had three men that she married over the years. She also had two daughters Cassidy and Lacey with her third husband Glenn Gorden. Find out everything you need to know about all of the late star’s spouses here.

Jacklyn died at 70 on Wednesday. (Mediapunch/Shutterstock)

Murray Kaufman

Jacklyn’s first husband was also her most public spouse. She got married to Murray Kaufman in 1979. Murray was a DJ, known professionally as “Murray The K,” who was incredibly influential from the late 50s until the 1980s. Murray was known for embracing rock-and-roll, and most notably The Beatles. As an early adopter of Beatlemania, he was one of many people who earned the nickname “The Fifth Beatle” as he was a friend of the band.

While Murray was originally based out of New York, he moved to the West Coast when he and Jackie got married, per MTV News. Unfortunately, the pair’s marriage didn’t work out, and they got divorced in 1981. Murray died of cancer at age 60 in 1982.

Steve Gribbin

Jacklyn got married to Steve Gribbin in 1985. While not much is known about her second marriage, it was the shortest of her three marriages, with the couple divorcing the following year. Few other details are available about Steve and their relationship.

Glenn Gorden

Jacklyn tied the knot one more time in February 1988 (on Valentine’s Day) to Glenn Gorden. The marriage was her longest lasting, and the couple had two daughters from it. Jacklyn gave birth to Cassidy in 1990, and to Lacey in 1992. While Glenn has mostly stayed out of the spotlight, he occasionally joined Jacklyn for red carpet events over the years, like when they attended the Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards in 2004. Unfortunately, the pair split up in 2007 after 19 years of marriage.