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Gilbert Gottfried’s Wife: Everything To Know About Dara Kravitz & Their 14 Year Marriage

Gilbert Gottfried passed away on April 12, after a long illness. He is survived by his wife Dara Kravitz and their two children, Lily and Max. Find out everything about his devoted spouse and their life together here.

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Gilbert Gottfried, who passed away at the age of 67, after a “long illness,” was known to the world as a talented actor and comedian, but he was also a loving husband and father. The late star is survived by his wife Dara Kravitz, 52, and their two children, Lily, 14, and Max, 12, who were the closest people to him throughout his life. Since 2007, Gilbert and Dara lived their life in the public eye, and they always seemed so in love. Shortly after Gilbert’s death, his family released a touching statement about him on social media.

“We are heartbroken to announce the passing of our beloved Gilbert Gottfried after a long illness,” the statement began. “In addition to being the most iconic voice in comedy, Gilbert was a wonderful husband, brother, friend and father to his two young children. Although today is a sad day for all of us, please keep laughing as loud as possible in Gilbert’s honor. Love, the Gottfried family.”

Gilbert Gottfried, Dara Kravitz
Gilbert Gottfried and Dara Kravitz pose at a previous event. (Shutterstock)

Find out more about Dara, her marriage to Gilbert, and the family they led together below.

Dara has led a pretty successful career in the entertainment industry.

Dara has reportedly worked as a film producer, podcast producer, and more while having experience in the music industry. She has also been a part of various features with her husband, like the 2017 documentary, Gilbert, and the 2005 comedy video, Dirty Jokes.

Gilbert and Dara have been married since 2007.

Gilbert Gottfried, Dara Kravitz
Gilbert Gottfried and Dara Kravitz have been married since 2007. (Shutterstock)

The lovebirds met in the 1990s after the Grammy Awards, according to The New York Times. They felt a connection right away and after dating for a while, they got married in Feb. 2007. With the exception of appearing on Celebrity Wife Swap in 2013, they have lived pretty privately since getting hitched. Although they sometimes share photos of each other on social media, they haven’t gotten into too many details about their romance or their family in interviews or in other public ways. They, were, however, not afraid to gush over their love at certain times.

“I knew I’d never find anyone else like him,” Dara once told The New York Times in 2013, while discussing their connection.

Gilbert showed off his sense of humor by replying, “Most people are hoping that they never find anyone like me.”

Gilbert & Dara share two children together.

Gilbert Gottfried, Dara Kravitz, Lily Gottfried, Max Gottfried
Gilbert Gottfried and Dara Kravitz with their kids, Lily and Max. (MEGA)

Their daughter, Lily, was born the same year they got married, 2007, and their son, Max, was born two years later in 2009. The proud parents would sometimes share pics of memorable moments with their children on social media over the years. They often included the kids doing funny antics and posing for the camera.

Dara tends to show off her sense of humor on social media.

The funny lady often posts random pics and videos with funny captions that are reminiscent of Gilbert’s comedic ways. Whether she’s posting about animals, her kids, Gilbert, or other things, she definitely keeps her followers entertained.

In one pic that showed her kids all dressed up and holding up a drink of what appeared to be water, Dara joked in the caption, “At the end of the night, Lily had to help Max home because he had one drink too many. ;)”