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Celebrities React to ‘Harry Potter’ Actor Michael Gambon’s Death

Several stars paid tribute to the late Irish actor, 82, who played Albus Dumbledore, in the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

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Michael Gambon effortlessly stepped into the role of Harry Potter’s Professor Albus Dumbledore in the franchise’s third installment. After the late Irish actor died at the age of 82 on Thursday, September 28, countless celebrities and fans reacted to his death. While many grieved the loss of such a renowned performer, others celebrated his life and career, as it spanned over six decades. 

From Michael’s Harry Potter costars to his other friends and family members, read all of the heartfelt tributes to Michael below. 

Jason Isaacs

Jason — who portrayed Lucius Malfoy — took to X (previously known as Twitter) to provide a statement, calling Michael “magnificent.” 

“I learned what acting could be from Michael in The Singing Detective — complex, vulnerable and utterly human,” Jason tweeted. “The greatest thrill of being in the Potter films was that he knew my name and shared his fearless, filthy sense of fun with me.” 

Jared Harris

Jared’s late father, Richard Harris, was the first one to portray Dumbledore until his death in 2002. Shortly thereafter, Michael stepped into the role. 

“A brilliant actor,” Jared tweeted. “I saw him on stage several times, and he lives unforgettably in my memory. He took over Dumbledore from my father, which was fitting as he overtook Brando as my father’s favorite actor.” 

James Phelps

James, who portrayed Fred Weasley, took to X to recall a sweet memory with his former co-star. 

“Whilst shooting [Harry Potter] 6, I worked on the AD department for the whole shoot (apart from the days I was acting,” James began. And for that reason, I spent many hours with Michael during the shoot. He was always very funny and very welcoming to share any knowledge he had. One day, we were shooting Dumbledore’s final clock tower scene, obviously quite an intense scene. In between set ups, Michael asked what I was up to that weekend. As it happened, my brother and I were reading Peter and the Wolf with the Manchester Halle orchestra. ‘Do you have the script with you?’ He asked. I did. ‘I’ve done that, let’s [go] through it, and if you like, I can give some notes.’ So, we spent what we should have been his downtime going over my weekend gig. It is a memoir I’ve always had as one of my highlights of my HP days [sic].” 

Rupert Grint

Rupert took to Instagram to pen a thoughtful note for Michael and his family.

“So sad to hear about Michael,” the actor who portrayed Ron Weasley wrote. “He brought so much warmth and mischief to every day on set. He captivated me as a kid and became a personal role model of mine for finding the fun and eccentricities in life. Sending all my love to his family, Rupert.”

Daniel Radcliffe

Hours after news of Michael’s death broke, the franchise lead spoke in a statement obtained by HollywoodLife.

“With the loss of Michael Gambon, the world just became considerably less fun,” Daniel wrote. “Michael Gambon was one of the most brilliant, effortless actors I’ve ever had the privilege of working with, but despite his immense talent, the thing I will remember most about him is how much fun he had doing his job. He was silly, irreverent and hilarious. He loved his job, but never seemed defined by it.”

The actor continued, “The sixth film was where I got to spend the most time working with Michael, and he made the hours spent in front of a green screen together more memorable and joyous than they had any right to be. I’m so sad to hear he has passed, but I am so grateful for the fact that I am one of the lucky people who got to work with him.”