Carmen Electra’s Marriages: Everything To Know About Her Two Husbands

Carmen Electra's been married two times: first to NBA star Dennis Rodman, and then to musician Dave Navarro. Learn about her marriages and why they didn't last.

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Carmen Electra
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Carmen Electra, 50, is a famous actress, model, and singer. Her career started with her debut studio album, which came out in 1993 and was produced by Prince. Carmen pursued modeling and frequently appeared in Playboy, before she made her breakthrough acting role as Lani McKenzie in Baywatch. The multi-talented star has gone on to appear in more movies and television shows. She’s also hosted projects such as the MTV dating game show Singled Out.

Carmen has been romantically involved with several famous men throughout her career. She was briefly married to Dennis Rodman, 60, and then to musician Dave Navarro, 54. Sadly, neither relationship worked out for Carmen. Here’s what to know about Carmen Electra’s two ex-husbands.

Dennis Rodman

Carmen Electra & Dennis Rodman
Carmen Electra & Dennis Rodman at ‘Planet Hollywood’ opening in Canada in 1998 (Photo: Ponopresse/Shutterstock)

Carmen and Dennis were one of the most memorable celebrity pairings in the 1990s. They reportedly met in 1998 at a nightclub in Los Angeles. “We exchanged numbers, and he would call and call and call,” Electra told the Chicago Sun-Times in April 2020. “I wouldn’t respond. Finally, one day I picked up the phone and he invited me to come hang out with him and I went for it. I went in.” After they started dating, Carmen’s mother Patricia died of brain cancer, and then her older sister Debbie died of a heart attack. Carmen, who was deep in grief at the time, unexpectedly got married to Dennis at the Little Chapel of the Flowers in Las Vegas on November 14, 1998. However, just nine days later, Dennis filed for annulment and claimed that he was of “unsound mind” when they married.

Carmen and Dennis were able to reconcile and stayed together until April 1999, when they both agreed to end  the marriage under “amicable circumstances.” A few months later, Carmen and Dennis were arrested for misdemeanor battery following a domestic dispute in Miami, but they were released on bail and the charges were dropped. Carmen reflected on the short-lived marriage in a 2004 interview with Glamour. “Right after my mom and sister died, I flew to Las Vegas and Dennis and I got married. I guess I was trying to cling to whatever I had. I’d lost my mom and my sister; I didn’t want to lose anyone else,” she shared. “When I started going through some really hard times with Dennis, I became addicted to feeling that pain instead of dealing with my feelings about my mom and sister.”

Carmen and Dennis’ relationship was featured in the 2020 sports documentary The Last Dance. It showed how their relationship impacted Dennis’ focus on basketball. Michael Jordan even flew to Vegas to retrieve Dennis when he didn’t show up back at practice as scheduled.

Dave Navarro

Carmen Electra & Dave Navarro
Carmen Electra & Dave Navarro at the ‘Dirty Love’ premiere in September 2005 (Photo: Kazden/Shutterstock)

Carmen married the Jane’s Addiction lead guitarist and Ink Master host on November 22, 2003. The MTV reality series ‘Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave documented the lead-up to their wedding. Carmen and Dave enjoyed newlywed bliss for a while and stepped out for numerous public appearances together. However, the pair announced their separation on July 17, 2006 after two-and-a-half years of marriage. Carmen filed for divorce on August 10, 2006, and the divorce was finalized in February 2007.

Carmen and Dave have remained friendly in the years since they split. “We’re still really good friends,” she revealed on E! News’ Daily Pop in 2017. “We have a connection and it’s undeniable and I’ll love him forever.” As for whether or not they’d reunite romantically, Carmen said at the time, “We’re not at a place like that but we are friends and we don’t talk all the time. It’s not a weird thing, but we do reach out and check on each other from time to time.”

Neither Carmen or Dave got married again after their divorce. Carmen was engaged to rocker Rob Patterson, 51, from 2008 until they split sometime around 2012.