‘Bob the Builder’ Movie: What We Know About Mattel’s Upcoming Film Produced by Jennifer Lopez

A 'Hamilton' star will voice the famous animated character in Mattel's upcoming movie following the massive success of ‘Barbie.’ 

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Anthony Ramos
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Image Credit: Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images for La Cena: La Vegas

Can we fix it? Yes we can! Thanks to the Mattel and Warner Bros.’ smash hit, Barbie, the toy company is developing more live-action and animated films based on its products. The most recently reported production was confirmed to be an adaptation of Bob the Builder, and they cast a Hamilton alum as its star. Jennifer Lopez’s company, Nuyorican Productions, is slated to produce the movie. While she is not confirmed to be a part of the cast, we’ve got the latest updates on what to expect from the upcoming film based on everyone’s favorite animated builder. 

What Is the ‘Bob the Builder’ Movie About? 

Bob the Builder
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The film’s synopsis, per The Hollywood Reporter, reads, “When Roberto ‘Bob’ travels to the enchanting island of Puerto Rico for a major construction job, he takes on issues affecting the island and digs deeper into what it means to build. Bob’s journey will celebrate the vibrant and colorful textures of the Caribbean Latin nations and their people.” 

The original Bob the Builder series premiered in 1999 and ended in 2011. The original British show was produced by Hot Animation and was sold to Mattel in 2011. 

The show encouraged its young viewers to learn various social lessons, such as conflict resolution and construction tips.

‘Bob the Builder’ Live-Action Cast

Anthony Ramos
Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images for La Cena: La Vegas

Anthony Ramos was cast as the voice actor behind Bob. Anthony is famous for his portrayals of John Laurens and Philip Hamilton in Broadway’s Hamilton. After playing the main role of Usnavi in the musical In The Heights, Anthony was cast in the same role for the film adaptation. His next films includes Twisters and Distant. 

‘Bob the Builder’ Movie Release Date

A projected release date is currently unknown because Bob the Builder is still in the pre-production phase. 

Other Mattel Films in Development 

Thanks to the Oscar-nominated film Barbie, Mattel greenlit several movies inspired by its toys, including Hot Wheels, Barney, Polly Pocket, Thomas the Tank Engine, American Girl, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots and several more. 

The Hot Wheels film is reportedly scheduled for a June 2025 release. Polly Pocket will be a live-action adaptation starring Emily in Paris star Lily Collins.