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Tom Hanks Asks Son Chet to Explain the Drake & Kendrick Lamar Beef: ‘Holy Cow’

The Academy Award winner sent a text to his rapper son, asking to get all the details of the two rappers' feuds. Chet shared his breakdown on social media.

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Even Tom Hanks wants to find out more about the Kendrick Lamar and Drake feud! The Forest Gump star, 67, sent his son Chet Hanks, 33, a text to get the low down on the rap beef of the year, and the Shameless actor gave his dad the whole play-by-play of their back-and-forth. Chet posted the exchange with his “Pops” on his Instagram Story on Monday, May 20.

Chet clearly follows the rap world closely, and even though so many people followed Kendrick and Drake’s beef and diss tracks closely, some people may have missed it or not heard all of the songs. Tom sweetly asked his son to give him a breakdown. “Big Main, can you explain the Drake/Kendrick Lamar feud to me?” he wrote in a text.

Chet proceeded to send Tom a long text with all the details of the beef, including some of the major disses that came on each track like “Family Matters”, “Meet the Grahams”, and “Euphoria.” Chet also gave a brief review of Kendrick’s most recent track “Not Like Us,” which has since hit the top of the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. He described the song as “pretty much the sonic equivalent of when you took me to your high school in Oakland and we walked in on the basketball game and everybody started going nuts.”

It’s clear that Chet felt like Kendrick won the beef with “Not Like Us,” even though Drake released the most recent track. “Like if you heard it you would just automatically know how to Crip walk with a stank face while clutching an Oscar in each hand with Marshawn Lynch, then dap him up and tell him ‘Town Bidness’ which solidified the win not only for Kendrick but the entire West Coast,” he wrote.

Despite Chet’s detailed explanation of the beef, it seems like some things still went over Tom’s head. “Holy cow! These are fighting words. People taking sides?” he wrote. “Who’s winning?”

Even if your dad is an Oscar-winner, sometimes you do just need to ask if they understand what you just said to them. “Did you not just read what I said,” he responded with a few laughing emojis.