Gwen Stefani Admits Feeling ‘Paranoid’ About Past ‘Insecurities’ Over Blake Shelton Relationship

The "Hollaback Girl" popstar spoke frankly about some of the fears that she's had in her relationship with Blake Shelton, but they have open conversations to show their love.

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We’ve all fallen victim to our own overthinking when in a relationship, even Gwen Stefani has. The popstar, 54, opened up about her insecurities in a new issue of Nylon magazine, published on Tuesday, April 9. Gwen admitted that those insecurities have even taken up time in her relationship and marriage to country star Blake Shelton, 47. In the piece, she opened up about the divorce rumors and put them to rest, speaking about how much she loves Blake.

Gwen opened up about about how past insecurities had come up in their relationship. “In my own relationship, even though I know the truth of what’s happening today, you still create drama in your own mind about your insecurities and what might happen. I was in that phase of the relationship with Blake and getting paranoid,” she told the magazine.

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The singer admitted that some of the things that she was “questioning” were about whether she was “getting older” or if she was “cute.” Blake explained that they speak frankly about the “insecurities” they’re worried about. “These are conversations that she and I have with each other: ‘Are you still going to love me when I’m old or if I forget who I am?’” he said.

Gwen continued and said that even though she’s “overthinking,” she’s still “in love with my best friend.” She has no issues with Blake, and she addressed divorce rumors. “But when you’re in love and have truly aligned values, nobody can get to us. You can say whatever you want to say about our relationship — I mean, a week ago we were getting divorced again or something,” she told the outlet. “It’s just lies. The truth is the truth, and we know what that is. And so that [negativity] would never penetrate just by me being vulnerable and sharing a song [“Purple Irises”] that I didn’t write for anybody else but myself and Blake.”

Blake and Gwen have been married since 2021. They first started dating in 2015, as the two of them had been working as coaches on The Voice.