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George Santos Claims He Can ‘Probably Make a Black Baby on My Own’ in Ziwe Interview

The former congressman also said that he wasn't 'opposed' to adopting a Black child when he decides to become a parent in the revealing interview.

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Former New York Rep. George Santos suggested that he could biologically father a Black child during his interview with Ziwe on Monday, December 18. When asked about his feelings about having kids, Ziwe, 31, asked if he’d consider adopting a Black child, and Santos, 35, admitted that he wasn’t “opposed” to it, because of his own biracial upbringing, which he claims to have had.

First Ziwe asked if Santos would prefer to have a “gay son, thot daughter, or pathological liar” for a child, and the ex-congressman admitted that he’d love his child no matter what. “I will have a child, and I will accept my kid in any way, shape, or form they come, and the best I can do is teach my child to be better than me,” he said.

Ziwe later asked if he’d be open to adopting a Black child, and he said that he believed that he could father a Black child biologically. “I wouldn’t be opposed to it. Especially because I can probably make a Black Baby on my own, granted my dad. And my entire dad’s family, because I’m biracial,” he said.

The comedian asked him to explain his reasoning further, and he explained that he meant that he could “if I were to use my sperm” to impregnate a woman. “That’s a high possibility, and I’d love it,” he said.

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Santos has often claimed to be biracial. In a November 2020 post on X, he clapped back at a critic, who claimed that he shared a racist meme about former President Barack Obama. “I’m son of a black man and raised in a very bi-racial family,” he wrote.

The ex-congressman has Brazilian heritage, and the country does have a large Black population, but there is not enough information about Santos’ father available to verify whether or not he is Black, per Yahoo NewsSantos has been caught up in lies about having Jewish European ancestors during World War II, which have been proven false.

In the interview, Ziwe did ask Santos about his past claims that he’s had connections to historic tragedies. She mentioned his claims about his grandparents. “You said that your grandparents survived the Holocaust,” she said. “I said my grandparents fled the Holocaust,” he said. On the bottom of the screen, Ziwe showed a fact check, which read, “George Santos did say his grandparents survived the Holocaust.”