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Kristin Chenoweth Reveals the ‘Big’ Decision She’s Made About the Holidays With Husband Josh Bryant

Kristin Chenoweth opened up about her holiday plans as a newlywed with husband Josh Bryant in our exclusive interview.

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Kristin Chenoweth
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Kristin Chenoweth is more than ready for the holiday season. However, this holiday season is going to be extra special. It’s her first Thanksgiving and Christmas as a married woman! Hollywood Life spoke exclusively with Kristin about how she’s spending the holidays with husband Josh Bryant.

“We’re both entertainers, and the holidays are a big working time for us. I am going to do all my Christmas concerts, but instead of working on Christmas or Christmas Eve or on Thanksgiving, we’ve decided not to do that and be with our families,” Kristin, 55, revealed. “That’s a big one for me because I’m always working. I’m looking forward to being with his family in Arkansas at Thanksgiving and my family in Oklahoma at Christmas.”

She added, “I think we’re going to switch them off the times that we can. When I’m away or if I’m doing a movie or something, we won’t always be able to do that. But next time we celebrate Christmas with the families, I’ll spend Thanksgiving with my parents and then Christmas with his. We’re going to do the switch off.”

Kristin and Josh, 41, got married in September 2023. They began dating in 2018 and got engaged in 2021.

Kristin Chenoweth
(On behalf of Command Brand)

In addition to her upcoming performances, the Tony winner is also working with the Command Brand as their Partner-in-Cheer. “My job is to show everybody how easily Command products make Christmas and how magical it can become,” Kristin told Hollywood Life.

She explained how consumers can enter a nationwide sweepstakes to win a Command Brand Cheer Package and $25,000. “All you have to do is follow Command on Instagram,” Kristin noted. “Step two: tag a merrymaker in the comments of the pinned post, and in a month’s time, they’re going to announce the winners. Winners can get things like Command products, obviously, and $25,000 cash, which comes at a good time in the holiday season. I thought it was cool. A merrymaker is somebody in our life who brings joy. For me, it’s my mom, especially around the holidays. She’s the one who brings light and love and fun. It’s a fun way to honor those that mean something to you.”

When it comes to Christmas, there’s one tradition that Kristin will always make sure to incorporate. “I always do a stocking,” Kristin said. “I will never not do a stocking. My mom always did stockings with us growing up, and the stockings ended up being better than our gifts. It was like a new cool toothbrush or some cool socks. I love the stocking, and I love doing it for my man. We’ve been together 5 years, so he always gets a stocking. He gets a stocking from my parents too. It’s just fun.”

In the midst of her busy schedule, Kristin is teaming up with Wicked composer Stephen Schwartz on The Queen of Versailles, a live adaptation of the 2012 documentary film. “It’s about Jackie Siegel, who is building the largest private home in America in Orlando, Florida, based on Versailles,” Kristin revealed. “At first glance or first hear, you think, this is gonna be a comedy. And it is. But it has both. It’s got a lot of deep stuff in it as well. It reunites myself with Stephen Schwartz, who composed Wicked. So we are busy working on it, and I’m one of the producers as well. We are going to work out all the kinks before we bring it in.”