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Fantasia Barrino Opens up About Surviving Overdose: ‘I Have a Purpose’

The singer revealed how she found her strength after the scary incident in 2010, in a new interview.

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Fantasia Barrino, 39, talked openly about a scary overdose she experienced in 2010, in a new interview. The singer, who overdosed on aspirin and a sleep aid, admitted she now feels she found strength and her “purpose” after going through the difficult point in her life. She was also sued by her father in 2006 over the way he was portrayed in her memoir.

“[I] just wanted the noise to stop,” Fantasia told Variety about her tough past. She admitted she’s not scared if things get difficult again because she’s realized how much she can handle and survive. “I don’t care if it gets ugly again,” she said. “I don’t care if there’s storms. I realized I have the spirit of an eagle. They fly over storms.”

After the overdose caused her to have to be revived at a hospital, Fantasia promised herself she would “never” do anything like that again. “I left that hospital and said, ‘I’ll never do that again, because I have purpose,’” she explained. “I’m going to speak into every young person’s life and tell them, ‘Don’t you dare give up.’”

In addition to talking about her overdose and other troubles, Fantasia turned the tables when she gushed over the love she has with her husband Kendall Taylor, an entrepreneur, whom she married eight years ago. “I’m so HAPPY — in all caps — and I never thought I would have that,” she said while reportedly pointing to her wedding ring.

Fantasia’s life also includes motherhood. The talented star is the mother of Zion Quari, 22, and Dallas Xavier, 11, who she welcomed during previous romances, and Keziah Taylor, 2, whom she shares with Kendall.

When she’s not busy with her singing and family life, Fantasia’s taking on other projects, like the upcoming film adaptation of The Color Purple. She previously starred in the Broadway version. She’s also currently studying at Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio. The singer talked about the process of going back to school during an interview with PEOPLE earlier this year.

“I’m a businesswoman now and I desire to continue to sharpen my sword and better my craft,” she said. “I want to break generational curses. When it comes to my family, my girls, my children, I want to show them that no matter what she’s been through, you can always get back and go after it again, and that’s what I am doing.”