Jana Kramer Reveals What She Wants Readers to Take Away From ‘The Next Chapter’

The ‘One Tree Hill’ alum wants her audience to know that they can get to the ‘other side’ of their ‘struggles.’ 

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Jana Kramer
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Jana Kramer exclusively told HollywoodLife that she wants readers to know that they’re “not alone” after reading her new memoir, The Next Chapter: Making Peace With Hard Memories, Finding Hope All Around Me and Clearing Space For Good Things to Come. The book was released on October 24. 

“They’re not alone in their struggles and that there’s sunshine on the other side of it all,” she said, referring to what she wants her audience to take away from the book. 

One of the highlights from the One Tree Hill alum’s intimate book is her divorce from ex-husband Mike Caussin. The two were married from 2015 to 2021. In her memoir, Jana revealed that their marriage was anything but perfect behind closed doors. However, Mike’s infidelity was the final nail in the coffin of their relationship. 

“It’s obvious my needs weren’t being met. The infidelity just highlighted that more,” the “I Got the Boy” singer wrote. “That idea was the greatest lie of our relationship: If there weren’t epic infidelity issues, we would be the happiest, most loving couple, all sunshine and butterflies. It was the lie we told ourselves during every fight and every time we made up.”

Jana also recalled a major fight with Mike, 36, in her book, during which he allegedly threw a wet towel at her shortly after she underwent a breast augmentation. 

“Against my will, I started to cry,” she explained, only referring to Mike as “Ex” throughout the book. “In true Ex fashion he said, ‘That didn’t hurt. Get the f**k up.’ That was his superpower: mocking me.” 

Since Jana’s memoir came out the same day as her “birthday twin” Britney Spear’s bombshell book, The Woman in Me, Jana told HollywoodLife that she wishes the Princess of Pop, 41, “all the success and love — always.”