Corinne Olympios Reveals Why ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Is What the Franchise Needed

The reality star gushed over the type of people on the dating television series and pointed out what she thinks is 'refreshing' about the show.

Reading Time: 2 minute

Corinne Olympios, 31, revealed why she thinks The Golden Bachelor reality series is what The Bachelor franchise needed, in a new exclusive video interview with HollywoodLife. The former Bachelor season 21 contestant gushed over the people on the show, which is a Bachelor series for older folks, and called them “genuine,” which she thinks gives it a “refreshing” vibe. “I love Gerry. He’s so sweet and genuine and kind. I’m really happy for him,” she told HL, referring to Gerry Turner, the charming 72-year-old from Indiana looking for love on the series.

“I definitely think that people are on [the show] because they’re more genuine rather than just trying to be the next influencer, which is really refreshing and nice to see after five years of just girls trying to really be influencers from the show and not really looking for love,” she continued. “I mean, it explains why there’s not a lot of couples that are staying together after the shows now. I really am hoping he finds someone who really sticks by him.”

In addition to talking about The Golden Bachelor, Corinne mentioned her upcoming projects. “There’s a lot coming up — not a lot I can talk about right now, but there are a lot of projects in the works and things that I’m really excited about, but definitely keep your eyes out because stuff is coming,” she said.

As far as Corinne’s love life, she called it “complicated” but it’s not getting her down. “It’s complicated’ and [very happy],” she shared, but didn’t elaborate.