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Britney Spears Reveals She Gets ‘Joy’ From Posting Nude Photos of Herself Despite Criticism

The singer also reportedly said she feels 'sexy' in the selfies she takes, in a section of her upcoming memoir, 'The Woman in Me.'

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Britney Spears
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Britney Spears, 41, revealed why she sometimes posts naked in Instagram selfies, in her new memoir The Woman in Me. The singer admitted she’s filled with “joy” and feels “sexy” when she’s in control of the photos she takes.

“I know that a lot of people don’t understand why I love taking pictures of myself naked or in new dresses,” she wrote, per the New York Times. “But I think if they’d been photographed by other people thousands of times, prodded and posed for other people’s approval, they’d understand that I get a lot of joy from posing the way I feel sexy and taking my own picture.”

Britney’s comments about her nude photos comes after she received a lot of criticism from people, including her sons, Preston, 18, and Jayden, 17, who she shares with ex Kevin Federline. “It’s like almost as if she has to post something on Instagram to get attention,” Jayden told the UK’s ITV last year. “This has gone on for years and years and years, and there’s a high chance that this is never going to really stop.”

Kevin also told the outlet that he’s told the boys that Britney’s risqué photos are “just another way” she “tries to express herself.” He also said he still understands how seeing their mother naked online can be “tough” for them. “I can’t imagine how it feels to be a teenager, having to go to high school,” he said. “Who knows how many people ask them about it or talk to them about it?”

Preston and Jayden moved to Hawaii with their father in August and haven’t seen Britney in almost two years. Kevin’s attorney, however, confirmed that they had spoken on the phone with her shortly before they moved. Sources told Page Six that the mother of two also discussed what she was including in her book before going forward with it. She also reportedly dedicated the book to them, calling them the “love of [her] life.”

The Woman in Me will be released on October 24.