Suki Waterhouse Reveals She Was Celibate for 6 Months Before Dating Robert Pattinson

The model recalled getting ‘ghosted and broken up with’ before she fell in love with the ‘Batman’ actor. 

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Suki Waterhouse Rob Pattinson
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Suki Waterhouse met the perfect match in boyfriend Robert Pattinson, and she knew it after going through a “bout of celibacy” before meeting him. In an October 4 interview on Apple’s “Driven Minds: A Type 7” podcast, the 31-year-old model revealed that she was celibate for around six months.  

“I’ve been ghosted and broken up with after dating someone for a year, that was pretty bad,” Suki said. “But it turned out to be brilliant because I took it like a bout of celibacy.” 

Suki then recalled that she went on “no dates, no nothing” during this time, adding, “It’s just something about taking away the chaos of receiving attention, having to deal with it and texting people and getting those lurches of excitement.” 

As for how her time away from dating went, Suki noted “it turned out to be great” and mentioned that she “got very clear and got very comfortable with being by myself — then I ended up meeting my boyfriend.”

Suki Waterhouse Rob Pattinson

Suki and the Twilight actor, 37, met in 2018 and started dating that year. The couple tend to keep their romance out of the public eye, but that hasn’t held them back from showing some affection for each other in public. Suki and Rob were recently seen attending the Met Gala together in May, posing for pictures while sharing a few sweet embraces. 

When their relationship started, Suki and Rob’s connection felt “extra special” to her, she noted during her interview while referring to her era of flying solo. 

“Maybe for me, it was about actually feeling ready in a way that I haven’t before, that I actually had something to give,” the Divergent Series: Insurgent actress explained. “I’ve sat with myself — have been in a couple of different kinds of relationships. … I actually have something to share now. I have, like, a life that I’m proud of that I want to share with someone and I’m stable and I have my s**t together.”

Apart from her past relationships, Suki also pointed out that she felt anxious upon moving into a new home. Despite the stress from her “mess,” she gushed over how Rob “is so accepting” of her. 

“I’ve been having such a crushing weight of anxiety because I’ve moved,” the Daisy Jones and the Six star said. “I wasn’t there for the move, so everything just got boxed up and sent. … It doesn’t feel like that much of a crazy thing. And I’m very lucky because [Rob] is so accepting of the mess and the chaos. He never says anything about it. He kind of thinks it’s like, charming. So, I’m very lucky for that.”