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Ashton Kutcher’s Mailing List Resurfaces With ‘I Chose Love’ Message Amid Danny Masterson Backlash

The actor’s automated texting service sent fans messages of “love” in the wake of his former costar’s sentencing. 

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Ashton Kutcher appearing at the Your Place or Mine premiere
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As he continues to face backlash from writing on behalf of former friend Danny Masterson, Ashton Kutcher’s automated text message service resurfaced with a note for fans. 

“Does anyone remember when Ashton Kutcher ‘leaked’ his phone number and you could get automated text messages from him? Well, I forgot I did that, and today, I decided to choose violence,” a social media user wrote via X — previously Twitter — on Tuesday, September 12. In the tweet, the person included two screenshots of the text message exchange they had with Ashton’s automated system. 

In the first snap, a text from Ashton read, “A friend said something to me today. We have one heart we can fill in with hatred or love. I chose love.” 

When the social media user replied, “Who is this?” the message automation replied, “It’s still Ashton Kutcher,” with a link and an additional text that repeated, “I chose love.” The fan wasn’t having any of it, though, and they responded, “Well, I choose to believe victims and not support rapists.” 

Another X user shared a screenshot that day featuring the same text message from Ashton. “I forgot I was on Ashton Kutcher’s text newsletter. It’s so over for him,” the recipient tweeted. 

The mailing list was first set up by the Two and a Half Men alum, 45, in 2019. He hasn’t used the service for the past three months. 

Ashton’s text comes four days after he and his wife, Mila Kunis, issued a public apology for writing letters to a judge speaking highly of their former That ‘70s Show costar Danny, 47. 

“We are aware of the pain that has been caused by the character letters that we wrote on behalf of Danny Masterson,” Ashton said in an Instagram video featuring him and Mila, 40, that was posted on September 9. 

Mila then added, “We support victims. We have done this historically through our work and will continue to do so in the future. The letters were not written to question the legitimacy of the judicial system, or the validity of the jury’s ruling. … Our heart goes out to every single person who’s ever been a victim of sexual assault, sexual abuse or rape.” 

Despite apologizing, the spouses have faced constant backlash from fans and fellow celebrities, including Kathy Griffin. 

As for Danny, he was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison for two counts of rape. Judge Charlaine Olmedo was stern while giving the former Men at Work star his sentencing on September 7. 

“I know that you’re sitting here steadfast in your claims of innocence, and thus no doubt feeling victimized by a justice system that has failed you,” the judge said. “But Mr. Masterson, you are not the victim here. Your actions 20 years ago took away another person’s voice and choice. One way or another, you will have to come to terms with your prior actions and their consequences.”