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Demi Lovato Teases Marriage Potential With BF Jutes in Sweet New Interview: ‘He’s So Hot’

Demi Lovato doesn't seem to be ruling out marriage to her BF Jutes, as she revealed in an eye opening (and adorable) new interview!

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Demi Lovato, Jutes
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Demi Lovato just can’t get over her “hot” boyfriend Jutes! In a new interview, the 31-year-old hitmaker gushed over the relationship and teased potential for marriage. “I’m in an amazing relationship,” she told shock jock Howard Stern during a recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show. “My boyfriend is a year older than me, and we’re growing together, and it feels so healthy.”

The brunette beauty also spilled the tea on how they originally met. “We actually met in the studio,” she revealed. “So he’s an artist, but he’s also a songwriter. He came in to write on one of my sessions and I was in the studio and was immediately attracted to him. I like texted my friends on the side and was like, ‘He’s so hot!’”

Demi Lovato and Jutes
Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock

She went on, indicating that marriage isn’t out of the question and admitting that they’ve discussed the possibility of tying the knot! “We’ve talked about it,” she explained. “It’s been about a year and a half [of dating], so we’re taking our time with it a little bit, you know? I think it’s important not to rush that.”

In another recent interview, she elaborated on their first meeting. “The way that I met my boyfriend was actually in a session,” she said during a September episode of the LadyGang podcast. “He is a musician himself, but he also co-writes on other people’s music. So he came into the session and I literally was like: ‘Who is this guy?’”

She went on, adding that she was even “nervous” about meeting him.  “I texted my friends and was like: ‘Oh my God, the hottest guy just walked in. I am so nervous. I don’t know what to do with myself.'” Demi shared that they were initially friends before it blossomed into something more serious.

“He was just so focused on the music,” she divulged. “So we were friends for a while and then told each other how we felt.”