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Kathy Griffin Shows Off Wildly Swollen Lips After ‘Blushing’ Procedure: Watch

Kathy Griffin looked remarkably different after she got her eyebrows micro-bladed and her lips tattooed in a new YouTube video.

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Kathy Griffin, 62, got big reactions to her big lips after undergoing a cosmetic procedure. The comedian shared a YouTube video on August 24 detailing her “blushing” produced that involved getting her lips tattooed and her eyebrows micro bladed back in July. After the surgery, Kathy’s lips were extremely swollen and she shocked her husband Randy Bick and her actress friend Kristen Johnston with her new look. Randy yelled, sh**!”, and laughed when he saw Kathy for the first time after her procedure. “I’m sorry,” he said, as Kathy acknowledged how different she looks post-surgery.

Kristen was also totally startled and shocked by Kathy’s swollen lips. “I got my lips tattooed last night,” Kathy said to her friend, adding, “I’m f*****. Look at me.” Kristen didn’t believe that Kathy’s lips were “real” at first but Kathy insisted she wasn’t pulling a prank. While talking to the camera, Kathy jokingly said, “Kristen thinks it’s noticeable. But we’re gonna go to the 4th of July parade and I don’t think anyway will tell.”

Near the end of the video, there were several photos of Kathy and her swollen lips after the surgery. But the swelling stopped after five days and Kathy’s lips looked better than ever. The video ended with the gorgeous red head showing off her new lips and eyebrows. “In July, I decided to get my lips tattooed at Vale of Shadows in Los Angeles,” Kathy wrote in the description of her video. “I also added in a little ‘I’ll Say It (Miami Remix)’ courtesy of yours truly. Hope you enjoy! XXOO, KG.”

Kathy Griffin
Kathy Griffin (Photo: Annie Lesser/imageSPACE/Shutterstock)

Kathy spoke to PEOPLE after her “blushing” procedure and admitted that she didn’t foresee the major swelling in her lips. “I didn’t know it would be that bad,” she said. “I could not stop laughing even though it was painful to laugh for about four days.” Kathy also revealed that her husband who she married in 2020 was “scared initially but thinks they look incredible!”

The Suddenly Susan star also said she’s happy she got her eyebrows micro-bladed. “I like this micro-blading thing,” Kathy said. “I had it done the first time about eight years ago and this is only the second time I have had it done. Between the lip tattoo and the micro-blading, I can finally stand to look at myself in the mirror without any makeup on.”

Earlier this summer, Kathy underwent vocal cord surgery to restore her voice after she battled lung cancer. She revealed her cancer diagnosis and the surgery she had for it in another online post back in 2021. Part of her cancer treatment involved having half a lung removed.