Mandy Moore Hits The Beach In Black Bikini On Italian Getaway: Photos

The singer and actress had some fun in the sun with her husband Taylor Goldsmith this week.

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Mandy Moore
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Image Credit: Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock

Mandy Moore, 39, was a sight for sore eyes, in photos taken during a getaway this week. The singer and actress rocked a black two-piece swimsuit as she walked on a beach in Italy, where she’s been spending time with her husband Taylor Goldsmith, 37. She had her hair down and also added slip-on light tan sandals to her look.

Taylor was also photographed while shirtless on the beach. He wore olive green shorts and added a light gray T-shirt at one point, as he and Mandy sat under the shade and chatted. He also read a book and appeared relaxed on the gorgeous summer day.

Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore at the ‘This Is Us’ PaleyFest event. (Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock)

Mandy and Taylor’s latest outing comes just a few weeks after she made headlines for talking about how little she makes in This Is Us residual checks. “I was talking with my business manager who said he’s received a residual for a penny and two pennies,” Mandy explained in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. She also said she received “very tiny, like 81-cent checks” and went on to talk about the importance of the streaming residuals issue amid the current SAG-AFTRA strike.

“The residual issue is a huge issue,” she said. “We’re in incredibly fortunate positions as working actors having been on shows that found tremendous success in one way or another … but many actors in our position for years before us were able to live off of residuals or at least pay their bills.”

Mandy Moore, Taylor Goldsmith
Mandy and Taylor at a previous event. (Shutterstock)

After her comments went public, Mandy, who starred on This Is Us from 2016 until 2022, took to Instagram to further clarify how she feels about the matter. “I want to bring a bit more clarity to a very nuanced issue,” she wrote. “Striking isn’t fun. No one hoped it would come to this and I know everyone involved is hopeful for a resolution soon so folks can get back to work. The trickle-down effect felt across so many industries is already devastating. There are plenty of issues that are gumming up the wheels (transparency with data, wage increases, residuals, ai, etc…) and I spoke about one that happened to be top of my mind because of a conversation I’d been having while picketing.”

“I fully acknowledge the profoundly lucky and rarified position I’m in as an actor at this moment, one that I don’t take for granted and one I also don’t assume to be in forever,” she continued. “Ours is a fickle industry and in my 20+ years of being a performer, my career has ebbed and flowed. I’ve had very lean years where I couldn’t get a job and those are precisely the moments when in years past, actors could rely on residuals from their past work to help them get by. The world and business have changed and I’m hoping we can find a meaningful solution moving forward.”

“I am one person- a tiny part of our guild- and while I am happy to use whatever platform my past jobs have given me to speak to issues effecting my fellow @sagaftra family, I know my experience is my own,” she concluded. “Here’s hoping we get a fair contract soon so we can get back to doing the jobs we all love and miss so much.”