Doja Cat Upsets Her Supporters By Shaming Fan Accounts & Telling Them To ‘Get A Job’

Fans of Doja Cat were left confused after some harsh comments she made online about her loyal supporters.

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Doja Cat has left some of her most avid fans upset with comments via social media over the weekend of July 22. It all started when she addressed the name that her supporters call themselves — “Kittenz” — in an Instagram comment. “My fans don’t name themselves s***,” she wrote. “If you call yourself a “kitten” or f****** “kittenz,” that means you need to get off your phone and get a job and help your parents with the house.”

She also specifically called out someone who was using her birth name (Amala Ratna Zandile Diamini)  for their Instagram fan account. “You making my government name your sn is creepy as f***,” she wrote. When a loyal fan who used “kittenz” in their fan account name asked what they should change it to instead, Doja responded, “Just delete the entire account and rethink everything. It’s never too late.”

She then took the tension over to Threads, where she answered a fan who said, “I wanna hear you say (I do love you guys) as [you usually] say to your fans.” Doja Cat refused to comply, and further alienating her supporters by writing, “I don’t though cuz I don’t even know y’all.” After some back and forth, she deactivated her Threads account altogether.

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While many fans are standing by Doja Cat, despite her hurtful messages, there are others who have begun to question whether or not they want to remain loyal. Her comments sparked quite a bit of conversation on social media over the weekend of July 22. On the morning of July 24, she added even more confusion to the mix when she posted a series of random photos on her Instagram page, including one that was captioned, “I do not wish to be perceived.”

Meanwhile, before this began, Doja Cat seemed to have a close relationship with her fans, and had no problem saying that she loved them. On July 20, she even tweeted, “Can’t wait to go on tour! Love you guys! Feeling blessed.” Her upcoming tour kicks off on Oct. 31 in San Francisco.