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Eric Andre Opens Up About His 40-Pound Weight Loss & Why It Wasn’t ‘Worth It’: Before & After Photos

Comedian Eric Andre opened up about his journey losing 40 pounds and explained why he was 'irritated' when he got skinnier.

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Eric Andre lost 40 pounds in six months for season 6 of The Eric Andre Show, but he’s not thrilled about being skinny. The 40-year-old comedian, who showed off his remarkable weight loss on Instagram last week, told GQ magazine that losing all that weight “wasn’t worth” it for him. “My assistant came up to me and asked me [how] I feel—f****** hungry! I remember being irritated,” Eric said in the interview, published June 8.

“There is a reason skinny people are bitches and fat people are jolly,” he added. “Fat people are happy—sumo wrestlers, Santa Claus. Skinny people have f****** attitudes because they’re f****** starving. I say stay fat. If you’re fat or chubby, stay that way. I felt great…but it wasn’t worth cutting out French fries.”

Eric explained to GQ that he weighed 212 pounds, but dropped down to 173 pounds and nine-percent body fat, before he shot the latest season of his Adult Swim talk show that premiered June 4. “Getting ripped, you look good in the mirror and you’re happy with what you see but you’re hungry—and you can’t drink alcohol. You can’t really have fun,” he said. “You have to eat in with every meal. You get these pre-made meals that become just boring and dreadful after a while. You can’t drink alcohol either.”

The Man Seeking Woman star said his diet consisted of “a lot of meat”, as well as chicken, fish, and turkey. Eric described his eating habits during the weight-loss process as “moderation, not deprivation.” He also confirmed that he used a calorie counting app called Noom during the six months he was dropping weight. Eric said that getting more sleep was the “hardest” part about the whole weight loss journey.

Eric Andre
Eric Andre (Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock)

However, Eric ended up just gaining the weight back after he wrapped filming on season 6 of his show. “I’m not really a health nut. In fact, as soon as we wrapped, I went to Prince Street Pizza and I ate an entire pepperoni pizza,” he admitted. “And then I went to Portugal and drank my weight in wine. I got back from the trip and stepped on the scale, and I undid six months of work in about three weeks.”

Eric revealed his weight loss with before-and-after photos that he posted to Instagram to his 2 million followers. The photos of Eric when he was heavier were from the end of The Eric Andre Show season 5, which aired in late 2020. In his caption, Eric admitted that he’ll “never do a body modification again,” and said the process of both gaining and losing weight was “brutal” on him.