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Tom Schwartz Threatens Katie Maloney With A Cease & Desist After She Blasts His Relationship With Jo Wenberg

'Scandoval' might have been the hottest topic during the 'Vanderpump Rules' reunion, but during part 1 on May 24, Schwartz and Katie also got into a heated argument of their own.

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When Andy Cohen asked Katie Maloney whether or not she still wanted to be friends with her ex-husband, Tom Schwartz, during part 1 of the Vanderpump Rules reunion on May 24, she said no. “Not really” is what she truly said and that’s because she doesn’t feel he values “honesty, loyalty, respect [or] integrity.” She said she set a boundary in which neither of them could hook up with anyone in the friend group, but he disrespected her by ignoring that and kissing Raquel Leviss.

James Kennedy told Schwartz that it was the “least” he could have done as the man in the relationship, and Schwartz said that’s “sexist”, to which Tom Sandoval agreed. But before they could go any deeper, Andy pivoted the conversation and asked Schwartz about his friend, Jo Wenberg, who had been living with him this season. “Was that a girlfriend?” he asked.

“No, it wasn’t a girlfriend,” he said. “Especially at that point. I mean, it did evolve into a situation-ship or a friends with benefits thing with clearly defined boundaries. We were both coming out of long-term relationships and for a minute there, we were each other’s happy place.”

Katie then interjected and said, “Jo is a creep!”

“No she’s not — Katie, don’t do that!” Schwartz shot back. “Don’t disparage her.”

After Katie revealed that “nobody likes Joe,” Schwartz told her she’s going to “get a cease and desist” if she keeps “attacking [Jo] in the comments” on Instagram. Recently, Katie wrote, “Jo is spooky. I mean, none of us could stand to be around her. Her energy is on par with a crack head. She is a psycho and I will also light her on fire with Rachel.”

Katie said she can say whatever she wants, so Schwartz mocked her as he imitated an online bully. James told him he was being “rude and mean”, but Schwartz told him to “shut the f*** up.”

Katie explained that Jo was in the friend group “by proxy” because “she was best friends with Kristen Doute. Every single day, they hung out. And she blocked Kristen’s number the day she moved in with [Schwartz].”

Andy then asked if Schwartz and Sandoval “went on double dates with Jo and Raquel,” but Schwartz said, “f*** no.” The cast, however, begged to differ. “You did!” Lala Kent yelled, while reminding him about a trip the four of them took to Big Bear, California in January 2023, just two months before the reunion filmed.

Schwartz kept insisting it wasn’t a double date, and he begged Sandoval to back him up, but all Sandoval did was shake his head no, so Ariana Madix jumped in and asked, “What was it, then? A f*** fest?” If it wasn’t a double date, why wasn’t Ariana invited? That’s what she wanted to know, but before it could get answered, James yelled that Raquel “hates snowboarding”, so she probably wasn’t there for the sport of it all. She went to “suck [Sandoval’s] c***,” James said.

The Toms still denied anything about it being a double date, but the group just drowned them out with “boos” from across the room.

Want more? An extended version of this episode will debut on Peacock on May 25, while part 2 of the reunion will air next Wednesday at 9pm on Bravo.