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Tyler Cameron Shares His Favorite First Date Idea To ‘Make A Moment’ Without Breaking The Bank (Exclusive)

After sharing he had only $200 in his bank when he was dating Gigi Hadid, Tyler Cameron revealed how he has found a more financially-savvy way to date!

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Image Credit: Angela Pham

Reality TV star turned entrepreneur Tyler Cameron has been sharing his advice for dating, business and beyond with fans since his rise to stardom following Hannah Brown‘s season of The Bachelorette. The Florida native went on to briefly date Gigi Hadid, and recently opened up about how he had only $200 in his bank account during that time, recalling asking his dad to send money for dates. “I think I really learned the value of a Dollar and how New York taught me you can spend money like that, it’s crazy,” he said with a snap of a finger, in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife. “I got down here [to Florida] and I started learning how to invest and do things in real estate… so now I don’t need to spend on nice dates all the time. I try to mix it up a little bit!”

Tyler Cameron for Astral Tequila. (Angela Pham)

Tyler explained that now he likes to “try to make a moment then worry about just spending a bunch of money out at dinner” when he takes a girl on a date! “I like to maybe go on the boat and bring food on the boat and have a little sunset cruise,” he reminisced. “These are the things I can do in Florida, which I can’t really do in New York. But I love doing that.”

Tyler Cameron for Astral Tequila. (Angela Pham)

Tyler spoke to HL in partnership with Astral Tequila, helping spread the word about their mission to build homes in the communities of Jalisco, Mexico, where tequila is produced, for the Adobe Brick Project. “First of all, I love tequila and I love drinking their tequila. But then when I learned more about the brand and what they stand behind and what they’re doing, I couldn’t help but get behind them even more,” the budding real estate mogul gushed. “For every bottle you drink or you buy, I should say for every bottle you buy, it creates two bricks. Those two bricks go into building houses back in Jalisco, Mexico, and they’ve finished 10 houses so far. So, I think that’s quite amazing.”