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Sunny Hostin Torches Mike Pence For Claiming Voters Don’t Care That Trump Sexually Abused A Woman

'The View' host called out the former vice president for seeming to be dismissive about Donald Trump being found liable for sexual assault in the lawsuit by E. Jean Carroll.

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Sunny Hostin didn’t hold back against former Vice President Mike Pence while discussing former President Donald Trump being found liable for sexual assault in the civil trial against E. Jean Carroll on Tuesday, May 9. The View host was disgusted to learn that voters didn’t discuss controversies surrounding Trump with Pence, and said that the verdict needed to be a talking point for future voters.

Before the ladies discussed the verdict in Carroll’s lawsuit against Trump, they showed clips of prominent Republicans discussing the jury’s decision. “As I’ve traveled around the country for the last two years, Mark, all of the controversies that are surrounding the president are just not what people talk to me about,” Pence said in one portion of the montage.

Sunny called out the former vice president and showed that his view was ironic, given how often he portrays himself as a leader who values his religion.  “One of the troubling things is that you have someone like Mike Pence, who says he is a man of faith, who says he is an evangelical, and says, ‘People don’t talk to me about this.’ Well, Mike Pence, they need to talk to you about this,” she said.

sunny hostin, mike pence
Sunny spoke out against Pence’s reaction to the verdict in the civil trial. (ABC/Lou Rocco/CAROLINE BREHMAN/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

Sunny continued and emphasized how important it was to speak openly about sexual assault, because of how often victims don’t receive justice in their cases. “This is about our future. This is about our daughters, our mothers, our wives, and women, and how dare you say that this doesn’t matter. That is why rape is the most under-reported crime in our country, because of men like Mike Pence that don’t think it’s important,” she said.

Carroll was awarded about $5 million in the case, which Trump has said that he plans to appeal. The jury found that the former president was liable for both sexual assault and defamation, but they did not find him liable for rape. After winning the case, Carroll spoke out about how monumental the verdict was in an interview with MSNBC “It’s a victory, not really for me; it’s for every woman,” she said. “For every woman in the country, this is for you. I think this will help you all be believed.”