Diddy’s Son Quincy, 31, Says He’s ‘Never Fought’ With Siblings Christian, 25, & Justin, 29

Diddy's sons Justin, Christian and Quincy did a joint interview with Biggie's son CJ as they talked about brotherhood and supporting each other no matter what.

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No sibling rivalry here! Diddy‘s son Quincy, 31, says he never fights with his younger brothers Justin, 29, or Christian, 25, as the trio support each other in business, life and beyond. “People act like we supposed to be fighting all the time. We ain’t never fought, which is crazy,” Quincy revealed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight‘s Kevin Frazier when promoting the family’s new series Family Legacy on Paramount+ alongside the late The Notorious B.I.G. (aka Biggie)’s son CJ Wallace, 26.

Quincy and Christian — also known as King Combs — have both followed in their dads footsteps with music careers, while Justin has opted to focus on acting, as has Biggie’s son CJ. “Each piece of the puzzle is necessary. We don’t overlap,” Quincy, who is the biological son of Diddy’s ex Kim Porter and Al B. Sure and was adopted by Diddy, explained. Justin — who is the son of Diddy and designer Misa Hilton-Brim, echoed what his eldest sibling said, adding, “If I see Quincy or Christian and going hard, I gotta go harder. We’re always happy for each other and just want each other to be the best, because it makes us the best.”

Diddy is seen with his sons Quincy, Justin and Christian. (Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock)

The three brothers and close friend CJ are all appearing on the new Paramount+ series in which they look back on the musical and pop culture legacies of their families. “Being able to look back on those things, it feels good to be a part of history, and just be a part of something that was so special,” Justin said of his dad’s legendary carer, which began back as an intern and talent director in the early 90s at Uptown Records as Sean Combs. As Puff Daddy, he founded Bad Boy Entertainment in 1993 and released Biggie’s Ready To Die the following year — followed by his own highly successful career as a rapper and producer. “I’m just so grateful that I was a part of that and was there to witness these things,” he explained.

1997’s No Way Out cemented Diddy’s status as a forever hip-hop icon, which included Biggie tribute single “I’ll Be Missing You” with his wife Faith Evans. The album also featured tunes “Been Around The World,” and “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” — and ultimately won the GRAMMY Award for Best Rap Album in 1998.

Justin also touched on Biggie’s death and how it forever changed his father. “Just one of the saddest days in his life. [It] changed his life forever,” Justin said of the murder, which happened in 1997. “They were also young, so to deal with something like that at the height of their career… We still deal with it today. No one has really gotten over that. It affects us as well, too, because it was just such a big loss to all of our family.”