‘Succession’ Shocker: [Spoiler] Dies During Connor’s Wedding

'Succession' dropped the show's biggest bombshell in the April 9 episode. One of the main characters didn't make it out of the episode alive. SPOILERS AHEAD!

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Succession is going all-out in its fourth and final season. That’s an understatement. Brian Cox’s Logan Roy is dead. The Roy patriarch died suddenly in the April 9 episode on the way to Sweden.

Logan was on the way to Sweden to meet with Lukas Mattson to finalize the Waystar/GoJo deal with Karl, Frank, Karolina, Tom, and Kerry. He spoke with Roman just before he boarded the plane about axing Gerri.

Brian Cox
You read that right. Logan Roy is dead. (HBO)

Everything was fine until it wasn’t. The Roy kids had assembled for Connor and Willa’s wedding. They were even waiting on their father to make a special appearance. One call changed everything.

Tom let Kendall, Roman, and eventually Shiv in on everything that was happening on the plane. Tom revealed that Logan wasn’t feeling well and collapsed on the plane while it was in the air. Logan received chest compressions and CPR in every attempt to save his life. However, it soon became clear that Logan was dead. He hadn’t been breathing for some time.

Tom remained calm as Kendall and Roman asked him a slew of questions. Kendall, Roman, and Shiv got the chance to say a few words to their father on the phone. Kendall got on the phone with Frank to get an honest answer. “Is he gone?” Kendall asked. Frank initially said he didn’t know but eventually told Kendall, “I think he went. I think he’s gone.”

The kids finally told Connor, who was about to tie the knot. Despite his father’s death, Connor still married Willa. Grief works in mysterious ways.

Kendall, Shiv, and Roman in season 4. (HBO)

Tom, always thinking ahead, placed a call to Greg to tell him that Logan was dead. Tom ordered Greg to stick to Cyd and delete a specific folder titled “Logistics” from Tom’s computer. Greg asked Tom if he was okay. “I’m not okay… I’m sad,” Tom said through tears. “I lost my protector.”

When the plane landed at the airport, everything became even more real. Shiv, who remained perfectly resolute, read a statement to the press confirming her father’s demise. Shiv and Tom reunited for a brief moment where Shiv let her emotions get the best of her, but it was swift. Shiv, Roman, and Kendall shared a hug as they awaited whatever came next. A new chapter for the Roy family has come, and they are all truly in uncharted territory.