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Doja Cat Recovering After Undergoing Breast Reduction & Liposuction: ‘I’m Healing Really Fast’

The singer replied to fans asking about her surgeries on Twitter, telling them her 'thighs hurt a lot' from the 'lipo' and revealing her new breast size.

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Image Credit: Laurent Vu/SIPA/Shutterstock

Doja Cat got extremely candid with her fans on social media, revealing she underwent breast reduction surgery and liposuction. The Grammy-winning singer, 27, took to her Twitter on Monday, March 20 to announce she was “4 days into recovery” from the operations and that it would probably take her “probably three months total” to heal. She added, “Feels ok. I got lipo so my thighs hurt a lot if I move too much. But I’m healing really fast.”

Later, when a fan mistook the operation as an enlargement, posting, “hh her body bout to eat🤭 I just know her boobs bigger‼️,” Doja quickly responded, “nope. smaller.” She then revealed to another fan her new breasts size to be “32C”.

In a follow up tweet on Tuesday, March 21, Doja Cat let her fans know she was very happy with the results in a NSFW update message. The “Say So” hitmaker concluded the comment by saying “how good they look.”

The surgeries should come as no surprise to fans, as their queen is a consummate perfectionist in her art, including how she presents herself. Take for instance Doja’s recent appearance at Paris Fashion Week, where she stunned onlookers by having 30,000 red Swarovski crystals covering her face, head, and body. The glittering outfit dubbed “Doja’s Inferno” was posted to Doja’s Instagram.

There was also the eye-popping outfit at the 2021 MTV VMAs, which she described to Variety as a “piece of art”. She also arrived to the event in a totally different wardrobe which featured giant chicken feet boots. “[It’s giving] Willy Wonka and the chicken factory,” she mused to the outlet. “It’s an inventive look —like I was channeling Pharrell in a funny way. The shoes were not too hard to walk in.”

Doja Cat let her fans know she had a breast reduction and liposuction in March 2023. (Laurent Vu/SIPA/Shutterstock)

“It’s a performance everywhere we are,” Doja’s manager, Gordon Dillard, added to the Variety interview. “If we pop up at a party, it’s a performance. If she goes and reads a book, I’m sure it’s gonna be a performance. That’s her personality.” He went on to compare her Madonna, adding that his team has “only just scratched the surface” on Doja’s capabilities. “We are planning for the long haul, as far as her businesses, and as far as potentially joining the film and TV world. We’re always planning long-term and working our way backwards.”